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Tuesday 20 May 2008

Useful contacts

A list of useful contacts for Prince's residents:

Click here for your councillors, MP and Labour Action Team

Lambeth Council - Main Switchboard - 020 7926 1000

Lambeth Housing - 020 7926 6000 (all calls for local housing offices go through the Lambeth Service Centre)

Housing repairs - 020 7926 6666

Leaseholders - 020 7926 6700

Vulnerable tenants - 020 7926 6270

North Lambeth area housing office: 91 Kennington Lane;

Ethelred TMO: 020 7926 8361 / ethelred@lambeth.gov.uk ;

Cottington Close Tenant Management Co-operative: 020 7926 8105

Lambeth Streetcare - 020 7926 9000

Lambeth Streetcare call centre deal with a large number of issues including: abandoned vehicles: graffiti removal; litter and dumped rubbish; bulky refuse collections; recycling; road and pavement repairs; street lighting; parking enquiries, parks.

Sex and Drug-Related Rubbish Pick-Up Service : 020 7926 0524

Noise Complaints

Monday to Friday daytimes: 9am – 5pm - 020 7926 6111

Monday to Thursday evenings: 5pm to 3am - 020 7926 5999

Friday evenings: 5pm to 5am - 020 7926 5999

Saturday: 2pm to 5am - 020 7926 5999

Sunday: 2pm to 3am - 020 7926 5999

Lambeth Automatic PCN payment line - 0870 241 3262 / 0845 331 331

Register to vote -020 7926 2144 / electoralservices@lambeth.gov.uk

Lambeth Children and Young People's Services
- 020 7926 9896

Admissions - 020 7926 9503

Lambeth College - 020 7501 5000/5600

Career development and student loans - 020 7926 9474;

Lilian Baylis Technology College - 020 7091 9500;

Archbishop Sumner Primary School - 020 7735 2781;

Vauxhall Primary School - 020 7735 4535;

Walnut Tree Walk Primary School - 020 7735 1402

Childcare providers - 0845 601 5317

Durning Library - 020 7926 8682

Crime and anti-social behaviour
Emergencies - 999

Police non-emergencies - 101

Prince's Safer Neighbourhoods Team - 020 7161 8610/ 07920 233835 / princes.snt@met.police.uk

Lambeth Council anti-social behaviour reporting line - 020 7926 4000 (9am – 6pm Mon-Fri, messages can be left on a voice mail system outside of these hours)

Other services
Ambulance non-emergencies - 020 7887 6678

Fire non-emergencies - 020 8555 1200 ext 57973

Gas emergencies - 0800 111 9999

Thames Water - 0800 032 5202

Reporting a leak - 0845 9200 800


Benefits (including Housing and Council Tax) - 020 7649 9311

Citizens Advice Bureau - 0844 2438430 Lambeth Law Centre - 020 7737 9781

Waterloo Legal Advice Service at Waterloo Action Centre - drop in Thursday 6:30pm - 8pm

Benefits/ general advice service at Waterloo Action Centre - drop in Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays 10am – 1pm

Housing advice from Shelter


Transport for London - 020 7222 1234

Train information - 08457 484950

Lambeth NHS (Primary Care Trust)

Find a local GP - 0800 587 8078

Out of Hours GP - 020 8693 9066;

Hurley Clinic, Kennington Lane- 020 7735 7918;

Vauxhall Surgery, Jonathan Street - 020 7735 1971;

Lambeth Walk Group Practice: 020 7735 4412

Find a local Dentist - 0800 587 0878/020 7716 7085

Out of Hours Dental - 020 8299 5509

NHS Direct (non-emergencies) - 0845 46 47

Guy's & St Thomas' Hospitals - 020 7188 7188

Funding website

Community organisations

KOV Forum: info@kovforum.org.uk The Kennington, Oval and Vauxhall Forum is a non-political umbrella group bringing together local community organisations, businesses and residents, in the North Lambeth area between Lambeth Road, Kennington .Park Road, Camberwell New Road, Harleyford Road and the river Thames.

Kennington Association: 020 7793 0268 / kenningtonassn@aol.com The Kennington Association (KA) is a charitable organisation created to facilitate co-operation, communication, recreation and a conduit for lending a helping hand in the neighbourhood. All work is done by volunteers, and all money raised is spent for the benefit of Kennington, with a minimum reserved for assets and expenses. Anyone who lives or works in Kennington may join.

Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens: admin@thefriendsofvauxhallpleasuregardens.org.uk Vauxhall Spring Gardens is changing its name to its original eighteenth-century title. The Friends are overseeing a major refurbishment of the park, which is taking place in stages. Join the group to help out and contribute your ideas.

Friends of Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground : friends.lambethrec@googlemail.com Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground is a small park round the corner to Lambeth Palace, bordered by the Whitgift housing estate, which was once the graveyard for St Mary's Church, Lambeth. The Friends are overseeing a major refurbishment of the park.

Vauxhall City Farm: 165 Tyers Street, London, SE11 5HS / 020 7582 4204 Vauxhall City Farm started out in 1977 with local people working voluntarily to transform derelict land into an oasis of country life in the heart of London. The farm continues to rely on volunteers and the support of friends. Entrance is free to the farm, however donations are welcome! The farm attracts people from all around to visit animals that live so near to Big Ben and are at home in the hustle and bustle of inner London.

Roots & Shoots: Walnut Tree Walk, London, SE11 6DN / 020 7587 1131 Roots and Shoots provides vocational training for young people from the inner city, and aims to give them the skills and self-confidence that will equip them for work. Alongside this training they involve local schools and the wider community by establishing the site as an important green space for urban biodiversity.

Sports Action Zone: Old Lillian Baylis School, Lollard Street / 020 7202 6948 / mail@thesportactionzone.org The old building that housed Lillian Baylis School has been transformed by the Sports Action Zone, who have created thriving sports facilities that the community is benefiting from.

Riverside Community Development Trust: 020 7820 0555 A community organisation focusing on the area adjacent to the river Thames in Prince's ward. The group setup the community office at 20 Newburn Street.

Vauxhall Gardens Estate Residents' and Tenants' Association: vgerta.secretary@gmail.com Representing residents of the Vauxhall Gardens Estate (most of the Lambeth Council-run housing between Kennington Lane and Black Prince Road)

Whitgift Estate Tenants' & Residents' Association Representing residents of Whitgift House, Gabriel House, and Eustace House.

Alford House: Aveline Street, SE11 5DQ / 020 7735 1519 Alford House is a historic youth club with extensive facilities, located close to Kennington Lane on the Vauxhall Gardens Estate.

North Lambeth Parish The Anglican and Methodist churches in the area - St Anselm's Kennington, St Peter's Vauxhall, Lambeth Mission & St Mary's (Lambeth Road), and Vauxhall Mission (Worgan Street).

Cinema Museum
: The Master's House, 2 Dugard Way, SE11 4TH / 020 7840 2200 / info@cinemamuseum.org.uk The Cinema Museum's collection ranges from items relating to film production to film exhibition and the experience of cinema going. It represents cinema's rich history from the earliest days to the present. It's currently housed in the Master's House of Lambeth Workhouse, where Charlie Chaplin once lived.

Beaconsfield: 22 Newport St, SE11 6AY / 020 7582 6465 Is a gallery space in the Lambeth Ragged School building.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Museum The Museum houses a permanent collection of objects relating to the history of pharmaceuticals, as well have regular special events that residents are always welcome to attend.

Garden Museum Housed in the historic St Mary's Parish Church, next to Lambeth Palace, the museum is dedicated to the history of gardens, and contains a shop and vegetarian cafe.

Bonnington Cafe The cafe is a cooperative where a different cook creates affordable vegetarian meals every lunch and dinner time.

1 comment:

freegive said...

Today in Lambeth if you walk from one stree to another stree, you will see unwanted items people throw away such as bed, television, clothes, furniture, printer, toys, sofa and computer can pass to someone in your community.

Recycling is an effective way to cut down on the use of these limited resources as well as promoting community involvement in the process.

If you haven't heard yet, there is wonderful organization called Lambeth Free Give ( http://www.freegive.co.uk/p/lambeth.htm ). Lambeth Free Give Group connects people who are giving and getting unwanted items for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills and, at the same time, helping someone in your community by gifting them the item you no longer need. Another benefit of using Lambeth Free Give Group is that it encourages poeple to get rid of junk that we no longer need and promote community involvement in the process. By using Lambeth Free Give Group, not only are you able to get rid of your item with the minimum of fuss; you will also be doing your part in stopping another reusable item ending up in a landfill. Lambeth Free Give Group is open to all residents of Lambeth borough who want to recycle their unwanted items, feel free to post it. Or maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself. Find a group near you. It's completely free to join and everything posted must be free. Visit Lambeth Free Give Group page at http://www.freegive.co.uk/p/lambeth.htm

This is a great idea! Encouraging people to reuse and recycle things by giving them away and not sending them to the garbage bin!

I think Lambeth Free Give Group is a great way to build a bond in the community and it's always good to recycle. I think it's a fantastic idea and everyone should join!

Promoted by David Amos and Joanne Simpson of Prince's Branch Labour Party (Vauxhall Constituency and Lambeth Borough) all at 264A Rosendale Road, SE24 9DL