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Monday 30 December 2013

Residents' opposition halts All Nations expansion plans

In the rush before Christmas we missed some good news from Lambeth's Planning Department - they have refused the All Nations Church's application to dramatically increase the size of their centre on Tyers Terrace.

The ANC have caused problems with noise and parking for local residents over many years. Many residents of Tyers Terrace objected to the application, supported by your local councillors.

We're pleased that Planning officers agreed that the ANC need to resolve the noise disturbance, parking problems and antisocial behaviour they cause before any expansion can be considered.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Exhibition of latest Lollard Street proposals

Braeburn Estates have invited residents to an exhibition to present the latest proposals for Lollard Street.

The exhibition will take place over three days to allow as many interested parties to attend as possible. On the first two days representatives of Lambeth Council and the project team will be in attendance to answer questions.

Exhibition Dates And Times:

Thursday 9 January 2.30pm - 7.30pm
Friday 10 January 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Saturday 11 January 11.00am - 3.00pm

Black Prince Community Hub, 5 Beaufoy Walk, (Off Black Prince Road), SE11 6HU

Proposals are being drawn up for new housing, improved public realm and an enhanced, re-located Nursery & Children’s Centre on the Ethelred Estate along Lollard Street.

The proposals for Lollard Street include:
·         Removal of the existing podium structure at the base of the Ethelred Towers
·         New homes, provided through a mixture of houses and apartments
·         New pedestrian routes and improved street level access
·         Enhanced security with clearer sight lines and fewer enclosed areas
·         Open space and landscape enhancements throughout the site, with improved amenity space and new trees and other planting
·         New landscaped gardens
·         A new building for the Ethelred Nursery, with more space, improved access and courtyard garden

Following the public exhibition held earlier this year, and focussed meetings with local stakeholders, the design team have been reviewing and progressing the proposals in response to feedback. Full details of the scheme proposals will be shown at the consultation event.

Some of the key issues considered include:
·         Availability of new affordable units. Lambeth have agreed a local lettings strategy
·         A reduction of the proposed number of new homes on site
·         Better permeability and sight lines through the site
·         Quality and maintenance of landscaping
·         Access to open spaces for existing residents

For more information contact Soundings on 020 7729 1705 or lollardstreet@soundingsoffice.com or visit www.lollardstreet.com

Pictured: Ethelred Towers during building work a couple of years ago

Monday 16 December 2013

Update on Bird Walk

The alley between Wincott & Oakden Streets has been officially named Bird Walk.

One year ago we started to look into naming the alleyway and getting it properly 'adopted' by the Council. The frontrunner name was 'Bird Walk', as nearby Monkton Street used to be called 'Bird Street'. In June 2013 the name was officially changed. We are now speaking with our transport team to ensure that street naming signs are placed in Bird Walk.

Even though we have named Bird Walk, it is still not a part of the official public highway, like all the other pavements in the borough. As a result, the council has no obligation to clean or light the alley.

We are working through the legal process to adopt Bird Walk as an official highway, but we thought it was silly to not clean Bird Walk in the meantime and so you may have noticed that it is on the same cleaning schedule as Wincott & Oakden Streets (It will receive a once every two week sweep and a Monday, Wednesday and Friday litter pick).

We are also speaking with our PFI lighting contractor to investigate how we can light Bird Walk.

Next steps we are pursuing are:
  •     to put street signs up in Bird Walk
  •     ensuring Bird Walk is part of the official highway
  •     securing a plan to light Bird Walk
Pictured: Bird Walk before it was resurfaced and community activists created planting beds.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Your Priorities for Kennington & Vauxhall 2014-18

As you will be aware there will be local elections next May. As a result all councillors are looking at what we said we would do over the past four years and what we want to do over the coming four years.

We therefore wanted to take this opportunity to discover what your priorities are for Kennington & Vauxhall over 2014-18. It can be as small as fixing a pothole in a pavement or as big as the level of council tax you would like to see.

All ideas are welcome! To give you an idea, please see the manifesto Steve, Lorna and Mark stood on in 2010. Do you think we kept all our promises? Is there anything we could have done better?

If you can respond by emailing Steve before the end of the year that would be helpful. Steve, Lorna and Mark will then take your suggestions to council officers and our new candidates David, Chris and Joanne to see how we can make them a reality.

Pictured: Mark, Lorna and Steve campaigning in 2010 with local resident Jon

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Victory for residents - 8 Albert Embankment

Local residents have once again secured a major victory against the London Fire Authority’s handling of the plans to develop the site behind 8 Albert Embankment.

Residents of Whitgift House and Whitgift Street, supported by your local Labour Team, have consistently called for the Fire Authority to drop its unsatisfactory developer, Native Land. We are pleased to report that this hard work has paid off, and that members of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority yesterday voted to discontinue using Native Land.

Joining local campaigners Visakha Chandrasekera and Michael Ball at the London Fire Authority HQ this afternoon; Councillor Steve Morgan and Labour candidates Joanne Simpson and David Amos spoke out on residents’ behalf and publicly called for the abandonment of Native Land. Steve and Joanne also both met high level management of the Fire Authority last week to warn the body that they intended to publicly denounce the use of Native Land. Steve and Joanne highlighted three main issues: lack of public transparency, woeful levels of affordable housing and a contemptuous lack of regard for the opinions of local residents.

Your Labour Team is delighted that the Fire Authority has finally decided to listen to the concerns of the community and has realised that an alternative developer would produce a better deal, not only for local residents, but for the financial future of the Fire Authority too. This is a fantastic result and thoroughly deserved of the hard work and dedication of the local campaign.

You can be assured that your three Labour candidates David Amos, Chris Marsh and Joanne Simpson will continue to monitor this issue closely and ensure that the Fire Authority proceeds in its new choice of a developer in a transparent way. Your local Labour team will continue to support residents to ensure we secure the best benefits for the community.

Pictured: local campaigners at an earlier protest against Native Land outside the Fire Station

Proposal to close Kennington Park Post Office - your comments needed!

The Post Office have launched a consultation about their plans to close Kennington Park Post Office, at the junction of Kennington Road and Kennington Park Road. They claim customers could be served by the Walworth Road Post Office instead.

The details of the consultation are on the Post Office website - where you can submit your response.

They key questions they are asking are:  

  • How suitable do you think Walworth Road Post Office is and how easy it is to get there?
  • Is Walworth Road Post Office easy for you to get into and is it easily accessible inside?
  • Do you have any other concerns about the proposal?
  • If so, do you have any suggestions that could make it better for you or that you would like us to incorporate into the refurbishment plans for Walworth Road Post Office?
  • Are there any local issues that you think could be affected by the proposals?

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Proposal for two sculptures on top of the columns at the entrance of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

The main feature of the project for the new entrance to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, built in 2010 and inaugurated in February 2011, is a pair of 18m tall columns. The original planning permission for the columns included two sculptures to be erected on top of them.

Due to lack of funds, the idea of launching a competition to create proposals for the sculptures was abandoned as the cost of running the competition alone exceeded fifteen thousand Pounds.

However, at Lambeth Council request, a new design for the artwork on top of the columns has been proposed. The two figures here submitted for public consultation are designed by Paola Piglia (an international artist who lives and works locally and is a member of FoVPG) and were originally part of the invitation to the opening of the entrance and were later incorporated into the logo for the Gardens.

They represent a 18th century lady from the historical Pleasure Gardens reaching towards a contemporary young man, who in turn is offering her a flower, thus establishing a dialogue between the Gardens' glorious past and the present.

At the moment the proposed design entails silhouettes laser-cut in fluorescent acrylic and lit at night for maximum effect. The design will be adjusted to consider safety and wind factor and the details of the proposed statues will be submitted to planning and building control for approval. Lambeth Council and Vauxhall One are looking into funding the project with money that has already been allocated for public art.

The Committee of the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens has unanimously approved of the design. Here are their comments:

'Our committee has been formatted to represent as wide a view of the local area and our near neighbours and business representatives as possible; in this way our ideas and plans will have a built-in local community, and council approval as we progress with solutions to the park's needs and aspirations. Our logo at the moment (which has been widely praised by the local council) is being re-elaborated as sculptures on top of our 'landmark' columns. This design, executed by Paola Piglia, (on a pro bono basis) will at last see figures on top of the pillars to finalise 'The Friends'vision of 'art-in-the-park' and at a very reasonable cost to Lambeth Council and some minimal funding from private donations.'

Send your comments to steven@friendsofvauxhallpleasuregardens.org.uk or go in to the Tea House Theatre to look at the model and jot down your views in the comment box.

From the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Local investment projects from the Beaufoy sale announced!

Last year your Labour councillors won a commitment from Lambeth Council that £200,000 of the profits from the sale of the Beaufoy Institute on Black Prince Road would be spent locally, with the decision made by local councillors after a consultation of local people.

Last November we consulted every home in Prince's ward, and received over 100 responses. Since then we've been working closely with council officers to draw up the priorities for the money to spent on. We've also put the money from the Beaufoy Institute together with the developer's contributions from the development at Old Lilian Baylis School.

Here's what we've decided the money should be spent on:

Old Lilian Baylis
10% administration costs (this is a standard amount applied to all projects to cover the costs of officers' time)

Computers at the Durning Library
Lollard Street Adventure Playground
Traffic study to investigate the greening of Tyers Street

Relandscaping ‘the pit’ outside Coverley Point
10% Contingency Funds

*Plus funding has been agreed from Lambeth Living to refurbish Mountain House playground

Durning Library
The largest number of people responding to our consultation wanted to see investment in the Durning Library, and we agreed that this crucial community resource should benefit. However, Lambeth Council has announced a massive £800,000 investment into the building at the Durning, so we wanted to see this extra money invested in a specific project which wouldn't otherwise benefit the Library. Lambeth Libraries officers, in consultation with the Friends of Durning Library, have advised on a need for improved IT equipment in order to deliver IT training and allow for privacy for users of the computers. So we have chosen to spend £26,000 on providing a further eight computers in the adult lending area, reconfiguring the space so it can be used for IT classes, purchasing new computer desks with dividers, and providing a ‘lap-top bar’ with wifi. 

Lollard Street Adventure Playground
Lambeth Council recently handed Lollard Street Adventure Playground over to the Kennington Association, who have exciting plans to increase the usage of the facilities. The playground is in a serious state of disrepair and in need of capital investment. The Kennington Association, having taken possession of the site have assessed that a full refurbishment would cost around £200,000. The KA are to progress this in four stages, refurbishing four zones of the area in succession. So we have decided to spend £150,411 towards funding the refurbishment of the first three zones of Lollard Street Adventure Playground, to help create a top quality, modern, free, supervised play facility for our area's young people.

Traffic study to investigate the greening of Tyers Street
The Vauxhall Gardens Estate Residents and Tenants' Association (VGERTA) have been investigating the idea of greening over Tyers Street - currently a wide, empty and featureless street through the estate - and creating a linear park, linking Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens with smaller parks further north. More recently similar proposals to green Vauxhall Walk have been put forward by business group Vauxhall One. The next step needed is a proper investigation into how these changes might affect traffic and access to homes and businesses. So we are proposing to allocate £10,000 towards a transport modelling study for the closure of Tyers Street and Vauxhall Walk

Relandscaping ‘the pit’ outside Coverley Point
Coverley Point and Haymans Point are two 1960s towers on Vauxhall Walk, which are part of the Vauxhall Gardens Estate. They are designed with large sunken concrete areas around the base of the towers. 'The pit' outside Coverley Point has suffered badly from antisocial behaviour - particularly from large groups of 'freerunners' congregating and disturbing residents. Lambeth Living and representatives of VGERTA are keen to pursue a scheme to ‘green’ the sunken area facing Vauxhall Walk, reducing antisocial behaviour and greatly improving the attractiveness of the local environment. So we have chosen to spend £40,000 on relandscaping 'the pit' to VGERTA and Lambeth Living's plans.

There was also strong support for refurbishing the playground between Mountain House and Sullivan House - Lambeth Living have confirmed that they have funds to carry out this work, so this will be taking place as well.

Councillors Lorna Campbell, Mark Harrison and Stephen Morgan said:
'We're really excited that these five fantastic projects are going to be funded, and we're proud that we've insisted on local people having a say in how money from big developments is spent. We hope this consultation will be a model for future local involvement in decisions about how money from big developments gets allocated.'

Thursday 24 October 2013

Photos from the opening of Old Paradise Gardens

The fountains are turned on!

The new gates are opened! They includes inscriptions from gravestones in the park, and details of plants found in the Gardens.

A walnut tree is planted.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Residents say no to Fire Authority's dodgy developer

Residents of the Whitgift Estate and beyond have reacted angrily to the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA)'s decision to continue working with their completely discredited development partner (Native Land) for their plans for the fire brigade sites behind 8 Albert Embankment.

In May the Planning Inspector threw out Native Land's scheme on the grounds it would unacceptably reduce light to Whitgift House and Whitgift Street. This was after a sustained campaign from local residents, supported by local councillors, Kate Hoey and Lambeth's Planning Committee.

The developer has ignored local concerns about light, local businesses, and affordable homes. It claimed that the development would not be viable if it included affordable housing, but has refused to reveal details of the secret deal cooked up between them and LFEPA, which is believed to involved a figure of £40 million.

Residents and councillors recently met with a fire brigade official to explain that the community has no confidence in Native Land and that they must employ a new development partner and start afresh if they want engagement from the local community.

LFEPA have ignored this demand - Native Land have put together a new proposal for the sites. They attempted to exhibit their new plans this evening - but local residents protested outside the sham consultation meeting.

Pictured: Maddy Howatson, Joanne Simpson, David Amos and Eileen Bagge outside the Fire Brigade

Garden Museum redevelopment consultation

Garden Museum
30 October 2013
12:00 – 20:30

The Garden Museum has an exciting £6.8 million building project planned. They would like to invite you to a free event so they can hear what you think of the designs.

They have more and more visitors from overseas but we would like to increase visits from our neighbourhood.

Come and meet our curators - see some of the 70 works of art that they have bought recently, and tell them what else you would like to see in the future. Award winning architects Dow Jones will be there to tell you about their plans for the new building, and listen to your thoughts. The Museum's project team will be on hand to answer your questions.

Children will have a chance to create their own artwork and join in a treasure hunt.

The Garden Cafe will provide a special lunch menu, with options for children.

A free drinks reception will take place from 18:30 - 20:30.

Come by and pick up your Neighbours card, which allows you free entry to the Museum. To find out more and to download the programme for the day, please visit:


or contact Sarah Batten
020 7401 8865

Garden Museum, 5 Lambeth Palace Road, SE1 7LB (next to Lambeth Palace)

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Lollard Street Adventure Playground open afternoon

The Kennington Association is inviting everyone to an Open Afternoon, 3pm till 6pm at Lollard Street Adventure Playground, to mark its reopening on the 28 October. The project will open from 10am till 4pm during half term and will then open for Thursdays and Fridays after school from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

Monday 21 October 2013

Grand opening of Old Paradise Gardens this Thursday!


Formerly known as Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground

Lambeth High Street, London SE11

Thursday 24 October 2013 - 4pm – 5pm

Come join The Friends of Old Paradise Gardens as we celebrate the completed renovations of the park
Kate Hoey MP will turn on the new fountain

Adam Thomas Landscape Architect will open the new entrance gate

Randall Contracting will plant a Walnut Tree


Fabulous Raffle Prizes to be won donated by local businesses
(Tickets can be obtained at £1 from 3.30pm till 4.45pm on the day)
• EDF London Eye: Two Adult & Two Children’s Tickets
• Novotel Hotel: Weekend Stay including Breakfast
• Knights of Mayfair: Smoked Salmon Gift Box
• Finecrown Patisserie: Gift Box
• Zeitgeist Pub: £30 Meal/Drinks Voucher
• Embankment Grocery: £25 Voucher
• The Windmill Pub: £20 Voucher and others !

The Friends Group protects, enhances and promotes the park with the help of the local community. New members are always welcome. From £3 yearly membership. More information on how you can help:
Email: secretary@oldparadisegardens.org

Saturday 5 October 2013

Play streets

Play streets have proved very popular in other parts of the country including Bristol and Hackney and we are certain they will prove as popular in Lambeth.

Play streets allow parents to reclaim their streets to promote play activities for their children and to make their streets more enjoyable places to live!

The Play Street project aims to promote play amongst young people in Lambeth in their own street, ensuring a safe environment free of cars in which to have fun. They allow young children to play near their own home and give them the space they need to play energetically.

Play streets can also provide a range of benefits to the community such as providing exercise and improving the health and wellbeing of children. Play streets can play a valuable role in bringing streets together and building communities.

For more information on play streets please visit the Play London website.

Apply now for a temporary play street order, which allows you to close your street for up to three hours per week or month.

Application process

If you want to apply to become a play street, the first step you need to take is to talk to your neighbours and explain exactly what you want to do.

When you're speaking to them bear in mind that the street won't be closed completely: residents can still drive to and from their homes. You will also need to recruit friends and neighbours to help on the day - there has to be someone at each end of the street to warn cars.

If you feel there is sufficient support for a play street amongst your neighbours then please complete the application form and submit it to Streetworks@lambeth.gov.uk.

If you need support in completing this form, or any other information, please contact Tony Fellowes - TFellowes@lambeth.gov.uk or 020 7926 0206.

Pictured: If residents of Oakden Street would like to become a Play street they just need to fill in a form!

Sunday 29 September 2013

Vauxhall footbridge to close temporarily - and possibly permanently?

Transport for London are applying for a temporary footbridge closure notice in order to build the Cycle Superhighway Route 5 Inner Section.

As part of Cycle Superhighway Route 5 Inner Section TfL are considering the permanent removal of this footbridge, therefore this closure will be accompanied by a monitoring study to asses the impacts of closure and alternative routing of pedestrians in the area.

At present exact dates are still to be confirmed, however the bridge will be closed for approximately 10 days during the period 1 October 2013 – 31 March 2014.

If you have views about the temporary or permanent closure please let us know.

Thursday 26 September 2013

Lambeth licensing policy consultation

The licensed trade and the night time economy plays a large part in Lambeth in bringing jobs, economic growth and visitors to the borough. Lambeth has one of the highest numbers of licensed premises in the country.

However the sale of alcohol also has negative impacts and our levels of serious violence, noise, public nuisance and sexual assault are unacceptably high. The costs associated with some nighttime town centres fall on the taxpayer which cannot be right.

Lambeth new proposed policy attempts to rebalance the borough and moves us away from a permissive regime to one where a higher level of expectation is placed on businesses and those wishing to sell alcohol, as well as a more overt desire to shape our town centres and business districts.

Some of the key changes are as follows:

- the council and partners now have more powers to reject or review a licence application or existing licence. This will mean that the bits of the council who deal with noise, nuisance or criminality will find it easier to challenge poor practice.

- WHAT the licence is and HOW it operates needs to be clear
Previously a licence was a licence was a licence. Under this new policy Lambeth will ask applicants to be clear on what they wish to operate and stick to it - a night club causes different issues to a take away and therefore the rules and expectations need to reflect that.

- WHERE a licence operates makes a huge difference
In the new policy Lambeth has been more explicit about the opening hours and types of licence which can operate in town centres, shopping parades and residential streets. Some types of venue simply aren't suitable for some places and this guidance will help applicants and residents make a judgement about what is appropriate.

- WHO runs a licensed premises has a huge impact
A poorly run pub can cause more problems than a well run nightclub, and the new policy is very clear that responsible business is what we want in Lambeth. If there is a lack of confidence in someone's ability to understand the neighbourhood in which they wish to operate, or the rules of the game, then a tougher line will be taken when considering an application or a review.

- PEOPLE'S SAFETY and WELLBEING is of paramount concern to us
Alcohol enjoyed sensibly is something we welcome but it is a powerful drug which can put people at risk of harm or as a victim of crime. Lambeth will work with licence holders and individuals to ensure that we share responsibility to create a safe environment to have a drink.

- WOMEN'S SAFETY is a serious issue for Lambeth
We have one of the highest rates of sexual assault linked to the night time economy. Lambeth has adopted recommendations from the Every Woman Safe campaign which we will expect to be implemented, things such as having staff trained in dealing with sexual assault or harassment, the use of licensed mini cabs and a safe place for women to sober up before leaving a venue if they are incapable.

- The PROTECTION OF CHILDREN is a key licensing objective
If alcohol is sold to those underage Lambeth will now be operating a ONE STRIKE POLICY. If caught a licensee will be brought in to committee for a review of their licence which may be revoked. The licensee will need to satisfy councillors that they are operating safely and not putting children at risk if they are to keep their licence. Lambeth previously operated a three strike policy.

- THE POLLUTER MUST PAY for the effects of alcohol sales
It cannot be right that businesses who make healthy profits don't pick up the tab for costs that are incurred whether that be extra street cleaning, police or council enforcement presence or the operating of the regime itself. Where businesses get together to solve these problems we will bear the costs in mind but where people attempt only to make a quick buck they will be levied over a town centre or parade area.

More details about the policy, and a survey for you to give your views are on Lambeth's website.  Let the Council know what you think.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Major improvements to Vauxhall tube starting next year

Transport for London have let us know about their plans for major station upgrade works at Vauxhall station.

The upgrade of Vauxhall Tube station will provide both an increase in capacity and make the station step-free.  This upgrade will also support wider growth and regeneration of the area.  The station will remain open throughout the works, though there might be some changes to the customer routes into and through the station.

The works will begin in early 2014 and is expected to be completed by late 2015.  It is planned that the work site outside the station will be established at the end of this year.

As part of the upgrade, the ticket hall will be reconfigured in order to provide additional ticket gates. The current staggered gateline will also be straightened helping customers make their way through the station more easily.  The new gates will include wide-aisle gates allowing disabled passengers and those with buggies or heavy luggage to travel more easily as well as reducing congestion within the station. 

The subways and stairways that link the station will be completely refurbished and a lift will be installed between the ticket hall and platforms.  This, combined with the existing lift from the bus station to the Tube ticket hall, will deliver step-free access from street level to Victoria line trains.

During these works, there may be some noise generated by deliveries and heavy machinery. TfL say they will do their absolute best to minimise any disruption and noise, particularly when works take place at night.

All work will be governed by an environmental plan which will be approved by the local authority (London Borough of Lambeth) in accordance with current Section 61 regulations, which impose a limit on noise.

Construction will take place behind hoardings which will keep the works and waste separate from the public areas of the station. Materials will be disposed of in accordance with the waste management plan which will comply with current legislation and be approved by London Borough of Lambeth. All public areas will be maintained in a clean state prior to, during and on completion of each day’s activities.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Lollard Street Adventure Playground back in business!

The Kennington Association are delighted to announce that Lollard Street Adventure Playground will be reopening its doors this Friday, for the first time in a year.

Free Friday hands on crafts playdays

Every Friday in August, starting 9 August

10am- 3pm

8-13 year olds, younger children welcome with their parents/ carers

Mosaic making, painting, sign making for the new adventure playground

Call Sylvia for more information: 07890 987586

Lambeth Council is in the process of handing over the running of the Adventure Playground to a community committee, backed by local community group the Kennington Association. They will be funded by the Council to provide two after school play sessions a week, but plan to open the site up to new youth, community and voluntary uses.

Kennington Association members have been joined by parents, play providers, and local councillor Mark Harrison on the steering committee. If you're interested in getting involved, just email Mark.

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Northern Line Extension: construction shafts cancelled at Radcot Street and Harmsworth Street

Transport for London have let us know that they have decided it is possible to construct the Northern Line Extension without digging shafts at Radcot Street and Harmsworth Street. This is excellent news - the shafts would have caused major disruption in those streets and the streets around them.

Their alternative construction method will be to dig two 'gallery tunnels' separate from the main tunnel, from which ground stabilisation work will take place. When construction is finished the gallery tunnels will be filled in. The gallery tunnels will be dug from the permanent shafts at Kennington Green and Kennington Park - it will mean a slightly longer construction period at these sites.

This is great news for the streets around the temporary construction shafts, but Lambeth will be continuing to push TfL to minimise disruption, reduce noise from construction and the trains, and agree the best possible plans for reinstating Kennington Green and Kennington Park.

Email from TfL:

I am writing further to our recent application for a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) and the expiry of the representation period to update you that the Secretary of State for Transport has made a decision to hold a public inquiry to consider our application (see footnotes for details of the process) and to advise you of some amendments we have made to the proposals for the Northern line extension (NLE).

These changes have been made in response to consultation feedback, following further engagement with the local authorities of Southwark and Lambeth and the completion of further engineering feasibility work.

The TWAO application includes powers for two potential construction methods (via underground ‘gallery’ tunnels or temporary surface shafts at Harmsworth Street and Radcot Street) to connect the old tunnels to the new NLE tunnels and to stabilise the ground.  Both of these have been assessed in the Environmental Statement (ES).

Following further feasibility work, a decision has been taken by TfL to remove the temporary shafts proposed at Harmsworth Street and Radcot Street on the basis they are no longer required.  This means that no above ground works will be undertaken at either of these locations and construction works will be progressed from the proposed worksites at Kennington Park and Kennington Green instead. The impacts of this change have already been assessed and reflected in the ES.

Factsheet A:connecting the extension to the existing Northern line and stabilising the ground, provides more information about the gallery tunnel construction approach.

Consultation in autumn 2012 on the proposals for a permanent shaft and head house at Kennington Park demonstrated some support for the inclusion of a new community building adjacent to the proposed head house.

Following discussions with Lambeth, TfL has agreed to remove the community building from the scheme on the basis Lambeth would prefer to support existing community facilities in the surrounding area. TfL will amend its proposals for the area by increasing landscaping in the part of the park which was previously taken up by the community building.

With regard to the bee keeping and other community activities carried out by Bee Urban at the Old Lodge site, Lambeth and Friends of Kennington Park are in discussion with Bee Urban about agreeing a new site elsewhere in the park.  This would provide facilities for Bee Urban on a more permanent basis irrespective of permission being granted to build the NLE and in advance of the start of construction.  It would also avoid Bee Urban having to move twice.

The changes to the scheme set out above will be reflected in an addendum to the NLE TWAO environmental statement which is intended to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport on 27 August 2013. In line with the TWAO process, the addendum will be subject to a further six week representation period where comments can be made to the Secretary of State for Transport.  We will contact you again with details of where the document can be viewed and how to make a representation.

Yours sincerely

Richard de Cani
Transport for London

Next steps

The Secretary of State announced on 16 July 2013 that a public inquiry will be held to consider our application.  This is likely to start this autumn.

Those who have objected to the scheme should have been notified of this decision by the Department for Transport and asked if they would like to take their representations and comments further and present evidence verbally at the inquiry.  If this is something you would like to do, you will be asked to provide a written statement (statement of case) to outline the full details of the case that you want to present to the inquiry.  This should be received by the Secretary of State and TfL within six weeks of the announcement of the inquiry (so by 27 August 2013).

As the applicant, TfL will also be required to submit a statement of case.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Your Labour candidates for 2014

Our local Labour Party have just selected two of our candidates for the 2014 elections in Kennington & Vauxhall. The final one will be selected in the autumn.

They are:

Chris Marsh

Chris has lived in North Lambeth for 20 years, and became a tenant on the Vauxhall Gardens estate nearly 4 years ago. He has worked extensively in the local community as a Bar Manager, and then for Centrepoint in a hostel for homeless young people.  He currently works for another London Council managing their team of Neighbourhood Wardens. Chris is keen to represent his community to help ensure we all benefit from the exciting developments like the Damien Hirst Gallery and the Nine Elms development coming to Prince's Ward and the surrounding area. For him the diverse mix of people that live harmoniously in Prince's ward is what makes the area so special. Chris intends to continue the hard work of Steve, Mark and Lorna, in ensuring our wishes and concerns as residents, are always taken into consideration.

Jo Simpson

Jo has lived in the area for four years. An active member of the Lambeth Labour Party, she has a strong record as a campaigner and enjoys meeting people on the doorstep. Together with her co-candidates, Jo has promised to make sure every door in the ward is knocked on between now and May 2014, to build on the hard work undertaken by Mark, Steve and Lorna. She has almost seven years' experience working as a Caseworker for Labour MPs and taking up concerns of local people. Jo is passionate about giving community groups a say and will work to support residents associations such as Vauxhall Garden Estate and organisations like Friends of Kennington Park in their objectives that benefit the community. Jo’s main interest is housing and she is committed to fighting for a fair deal from developers and ensuring Prince’s gets the affordable housing it needs. She is also a keen cyclist and pledges to work together with Council officers, TfL and the London Mayor to not only improve cycling routes, but to tackle problem spots such as the Vauxhall Gyratory and ensure that transport improvements are secured for pedestrians, bus users and pedestrians alike.

You will notice that Steve, Mark and Lorna’s names do not appear above and that is because we have all decided to retire!

Lorna and Steve both stood in the 2002 elections and lost! And then again in the 2006 elections and won! Mark stood in a by election in 2009 and won. All we all were kindly re-elected by you in 2010.

We will have been councillors for a number of years and we all felt it time to let someone else have the chance to represent such a wonderful community.

However, rest assured that we shall remain your councillors until Election Day on Thursday 22 May 2014. So you will still get emails from us, see us at meetings, see us at events and see us at our advice surgeries.

We shall then hand over to whoever you decide to represent you for the next four years.

Pictured: Jo Simpson, Tim from Alford House Youth Club, Chris Marsh

Saturday 20 July 2013

Northern Line Extension: drop in event for Kennington Green and 373 Kennington Road

Drop in event to consider proposals for a permanent shaft and head house at Kennington Green and an alternative location at 373 Kennington Road

Date: Thursday 25 July

Place: Durning Library
167 Kennington Lane
SE11 4HF

Time:  3.30pm – 8pm

TfL recently submitted an application to the Secretary of State for Transport for a Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) to build and operate an extension of the Northern line to Nine Elms and Battersea. Theit submission marked the beginning of a statutory consultation period which closed on 18 June 2013.

Their submission includes proposals for a permanent shaft at Kennington Green to allow air in and out of the proposed new northbound underground tunnel, to help cool the tube and extract smoke in the unlikely event of an emergency.  The shaft itself will be located underground in the green, but an above ground structure is required (known as a head house) to house maintenance equipment and vents for the shaft.  This would be located at the corner of Montford Place and Kennington Road within the Beefeater Distillery site. Full details of the proposals are available to view attfl.gov.uk/nle.

Some responses to the consultation put forward an alternative location for the shaft and head house at 373 Kennington Road.  This site is currently occupied by an artist run space called Space Station 65, comprising offices and studios for creative industries and borders with properties on Aulton Place and 377 Kennington Road.

This event will address in detail some of the key issues raised specific to the Kennington Green site, consider the alternative proposals put forward for 373 Kennington Road and provide a platform for further dialogue and discussion.  Senior representatives from the NLE project team will be in attendance on the day.

Open afternoon at St Luke's Wincott Street - 24 July

Open Afternoon at St Luke’s: 24 July, 4pm – 6pm

West London Mission invites you to an Open Afternoon @ St Luke’s in Wincott Street, to learn about their plans for the building and to ask questions.

A scoping project is underway to determine the use of the St Luke’s site over the next few years. Initial thoughts are that the building will be used to combine an Emmaus Community along with a community hub offering support to local people.

The Community will house about 27 people who have been homeless, but who want to turn their lives around and have come to Emmaus to do so. Residents are called Companions, and one member of the Lambeth Community (based in West Norwood) will be present to talk about his experiences of living in an Emmaus community.

The Hub has been proposed by Lambeth Local Authority, to run a range of activities which can help support local people and prevent homelessness, especially in the current context of benefit changes and financial pressure. Ideas they are working on are as follows:
* a childcare co-operative that will enable young mothers to get back into work gradually;
* a digital inclusion suite where people can learn how to use a computer, and how to access benefits and other services online;
* a debt advice service, where residents can come to seek advice on money management, budgeting and debt reduction.
* A counselling centre, drawing on West London Mission’s expertise in their Highbury Counselling Service

There will be an opportunity to meet staff from both West London Mission and Emmaus, to ask questions and put forward ideas.

They look forward to seeing you there. If you cannot make it feel free to get in touch via my email or phone below.

Pictured: Lorna, Steve and Mark outside St Luke's, when its previous use was causing residents concern

Friday 19 July 2013

Summer activities for young people

Yet again Lambeth Council is offering a huge range of free or cheap activities for young people over the summer.

The Summer Holiday Activity Programme: holiday activity provision for children and young people (0-19 years inclusive). There are over 100 different free or affordable activities on offer over the summer period.

The Summer University programme: a four week programme running between 5 to 31 August, which offers exciting and innovative recreational and educational accredited short courses and activities. There will be 27 courses taking place across four learning areas including sport, art, media and enterprise offering 500 places for young people.

Find out more at the Young Lambeth website or find out more this weekend at the Young Lambeth Marquee at the Country Show in Brockwell Park. 

Saturday 22 June 2013

£36 million modernisation of Vauxhall tube starting this year

A contractor has now been appointed for a £36m modernisation of Vauxhall station over the next few years, increasing capacity and improving accessibility.

While work takes place to provide customers with step-free access, the station will remain open.

To create more space for the expected 40 per cent increase in people using the station over the next few years, the ticket hall will be completely reconfigured.

The new layout will see more ticket gates and wide-aisle gates, allowing disabled passengers and those with buggies or heavy luggage to travel more easily, as well as reducing congestion.

The station's subways and stairways will also be refurbished, and a lift installed between the ticket hall and Underground platforms.

Along with the existing lift between the bus station and Tube ticket hall, this will provide step-free access to the Victoria line platforms.

The improvement work is part of TfL's wider plans to transform the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea area to support economic growth, including around 25,000 new jobs and 16,000 new homes.

The cost of the work has been reduced by more than £9m, from £45m to £36m, owing to the more cost-effective construction methods.

London Underground has awarded the contract to Bechtel Ltd.

Construction will start next year and is expected to finish in late 2015.

Safer Street Team

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Lambeth Living offer help for tenants to mutually exchange their homes

Mutual exchanges are an excellent way for council tenants to secure new, more appropriately sized homes. People underoccupying their home can move to a cheaper, smaller home by swapping with people living in overcrowded accommodation.

Following the success of the last round of Mutual Exchange/Advice Surgeries held earlier this year, Lambeth Living are holding more events during the course of the next couple of months.

Nearly 500 tenants attended the 16 sessions organised early in 2013 and on the back of these Lambeth Living have already been able to set up 10 moves - with a further 11 in the pipeline – as well as obtain interest from another 220 tenants affected by the size criteria who have now registered for a move under the Mutual Exchange Scheme.

In order try and find as many suitable matches as possible between these 220 families, as well as encourage further interest, Lambeth Living are planning on holding 3 Swap Shops on the following dates and venues:

Swap Shops

Central Lambeth
Tuesday 25 June, 11am to 3pm
Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW

South Lambeth
Friday 28 June, 11am to 3pm
Church of Immanuel and St Andrew Hall, 452 Streatham High Road, SW16 3PY

North Lambeth
Thursday 4 July, 11am to 3pm
Coronation Hall, The Springfield Centre, 110 Union Road, SW8 2SH

As well as the Swap Shops, they will be holding a further 9 Mutual Exchange/Advice Surgeries with the aim of not only using these sessions to find suitable matches but also enable residents to seek advice on other options such as taking in lodgers, receive debt counseling and consider employment/apprenticeship opportunities. These sessions will take place as follows:

Estate Based Mutual Exchange/Advice Surgeries

Central Area
Tuesday 30th July, 2.00 - 5.00pm
Notre Dame Community Hall 1 Worsop Drive SW4 9QU.

Thursday 1st August , 2.00 - 5pm
Heath Road TRA, Heathbrook Community Hall, 117-119 Heath Road, SW8 3BB

Friday 2nd August , 2 -5pm
Cressingham Gardens Rotonda Tenants' Hall, Cressingham Gardens Estate, SW2 2QE

South Area
Tuesday 6 August, 2.00 - 5.00pm
The Village Hall, Fern Lodge Estate, Winton Way SW16 3RA

Wednesday 7 August, 2.00 - 5.00pm
Elmworth Hall, Elmworth Grove, Rosendale Gardens Estate SE21 8RA

Thursday 8 August, 10.00am - 1.00pm
Community Hall, Drew House, Sackville Estate, Leigham Avenue SW16 2TH

North Area  
Tuesday 23rd July, 10.00am - 1.00pm
Carmelita Centre, Vauxhall Walk SE11 5NT

Wednesday 24th July, 10.00am – 1.00pm
Wheatsheaf Hall Community Centre, Wheatsheaf Lane, SW8 2UP

China Walk TRA, Chandler Community Hall, 15 Lambeth Walk, SE11 6DU (To be confirmed)

Promoted by David Amos and Joanne Simpson of Prince's Branch Labour Party (Vauxhall Constituency and Lambeth Borough) all at 264A Rosendale Road, SE24 9DL