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Sunday 25 March 2012

Improvement for cyclists

Lambeth Council is consulting on several improvements to junctions which will make things easier for cyclists.

Cardigan Street/ Kennington Lane

Bicycles are already allowed into Cardigan Street from Kennington Lane, but parking spaces immediately in front of the access point make things dangerous and difficult for cyclists. The Council proposes to remove two parking bays so that cyclists can continue through.

Tyers Street

The Council proposes to allow two-way cycling on Tyers Street. Infrastructure changes will be minimal, involving small changes to signs and road markings. Motor vehicles will still only be able to travel one way.

Sancroft Street

The Council proposes to allow two-way cycling on Sancroft Street. Infrastructure changes will be minimal, involving small changes to signs and road markings. Motor vehicles will still only be able to travel one way. It is also proposed to remove two parking bays at the junction with Vauxhall Street to improve visibility and safety. If budgets permit, the section of Sancroft Street between Cardigan Street and Kennington Road will be resurfaced.

Wincott Street

The Council proposes to allow two-way cycling on Wincott Street. Infrastructure changes will be minimal, involving small changes to signs and road markings. Motor vehicles will still only be able to travel one way. It also proposes to remove a parking bay at the corner of Wincott Street and Kempsford Road and replace it with a built-out kerb to improve visibility for cyclists and pedestrians.

For more information please contact Richard Ambler, and to formally comment please contact Genstacia Bull.

Council Leader sees Vauxhall Five's new windows for himself

Leader of Lambeth Council Steve Reed was shown round SE11 by local councillors Mark Harrison and Steve Morgan last week.

They took him to the Vauxhall Five Estate to celebrate the work taking place to transform residents' homes.

After decades of neglect, the blocks are having new windows, roofs, and concrete repairs, as part of a multimillion refurbishment.

Residents have campaigned for new windows for many years - the previous windows were over 60 years old and left people's homes draughty and cold. Local councillors and Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey supported the residents campaign and persuaded the Council to put the Estate at the top of Lambeth's housing capital programme.

Cllr Mark Harrison said 'it was great to be able to show Steve Reed the results of years of campaigning and lobbying - the new windows are already making residents' homes warmer and cheaper to heat.'

Overwhelming vote of confidence for Vauxhall Business Improvement District

Businesses in Vauxhall have voted overwhelmingly in favour of setting up 'Vauxhall One' - a Business Improvement District. It means that local businessed will pay for a new organisation which will help manage and improve Vauxhall, making a better place for businesses and residents.

The new organisation will invest upwards of £4m in Vauxhall over the next five years. Its four themes are Vauxhall Safe (reducing fear of crime), Vauxhall Change (improving public realm), Vauxhall Day & Night (promoting the area’s shops, hotels, restaurants & clubs) and Vauxhall Together (engaging with the local residential community).

Find out more about Vauxhall One on their website and their Twitter.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Open day at the Old Lilian Baylis - next Saturday

The Old Lilian Baylis site is the former school site which sits in the middle of the Ethelred Estate.

After cancelling the proposed sell-off of the site in 2006, Labour allowed the Sports Action Zone to use the facilities and develop a community sports programme.

Last year, this evolved into the Black Prince Trust, a community trust to which the Council gave a lease for the sports pitches and gyms on the site. They plan an exciting transformation to create first class sports facilities.

The listed school buildings on the Lollard Street side of the site have now been sold to developer Henley Homes. They plan a residential-led development with 40% affordable housing.

You can find out more about the future of the site, and meet the new owners, at an open day on Saturday 31 March, from 10am to 3pm.

Elephant & Castle leisure centre consultation

Southwark Council is consulting residents about their plans to redevelop the leisure centre at Elephant & Castle. They plan to have a new leisure centre with 25m pool, along with a 30 or 40 storey tower.

You can attend the consultation this Monday and Tuesday at the leisure centre:

Monday 26 March, 12 noon to 8pm
Tuesday 27 March, 12 noon to 8pm

Or visit the website to find out more.

Planning update

Apologies for the lack of blog posts over the past month - Cllr Steve Morgan has been keeping residents up to date with planning and licensing news via email. If you haven't done so already, please sign up to his occasional emails by sending him a quick email request.

Two important pieces of planning news from the past month are:

The Pathways project at St Anselm's Church has been given planning permission.

This scheme will transform the church into a community hub for several activities - including a restaurant, new hall, after school tuition, and accommodation. You can read the planning committee report here, and minutes from the meeting here.

The scheme had a lot of support from many residents in Kennington, but was opposed by residents living close by in Sancroft Street and Cardigan Street. After careful consideration local councillors decided to support the scheme because of the increase in positive activity it will bring to Kennington Cross.

A developer is holding a consultation about redeveloping Eastbury House on the Albert Embankment.

Eastbury House is one of the postwar office blocks on the Albert Embankment. Developers have a consultation website setting out their proposal to replace it with a 28 storey mixed use tower.

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