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Monday 30 December 2013

Residents' opposition halts All Nations expansion plans

In the rush before Christmas we missed some good news from Lambeth's Planning Department - they have refused the All Nations Church's application to dramatically increase the size of their centre on Tyers Terrace.

The ANC have caused problems with noise and parking for local residents over many years. Many residents of Tyers Terrace objected to the application, supported by your local councillors.

We're pleased that Planning officers agreed that the ANC need to resolve the noise disturbance, parking problems and antisocial behaviour they cause before any expansion can be considered.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Exhibition of latest Lollard Street proposals

Braeburn Estates have invited residents to an exhibition to present the latest proposals for Lollard Street.

The exhibition will take place over three days to allow as many interested parties to attend as possible. On the first two days representatives of Lambeth Council and the project team will be in attendance to answer questions.

Exhibition Dates And Times:

Thursday 9 January 2.30pm - 7.30pm
Friday 10 January 12.00pm - 5.00pm
Saturday 11 January 11.00am - 3.00pm

Black Prince Community Hub, 5 Beaufoy Walk, (Off Black Prince Road), SE11 6HU

Proposals are being drawn up for new housing, improved public realm and an enhanced, re-located Nursery & Children’s Centre on the Ethelred Estate along Lollard Street.

The proposals for Lollard Street include:
·         Removal of the existing podium structure at the base of the Ethelred Towers
·         New homes, provided through a mixture of houses and apartments
·         New pedestrian routes and improved street level access
·         Enhanced security with clearer sight lines and fewer enclosed areas
·         Open space and landscape enhancements throughout the site, with improved amenity space and new trees and other planting
·         New landscaped gardens
·         A new building for the Ethelred Nursery, with more space, improved access and courtyard garden

Following the public exhibition held earlier this year, and focussed meetings with local stakeholders, the design team have been reviewing and progressing the proposals in response to feedback. Full details of the scheme proposals will be shown at the consultation event.

Some of the key issues considered include:
·         Availability of new affordable units. Lambeth have agreed a local lettings strategy
·         A reduction of the proposed number of new homes on site
·         Better permeability and sight lines through the site
·         Quality and maintenance of landscaping
·         Access to open spaces for existing residents

For more information contact Soundings on 020 7729 1705 or lollardstreet@soundingsoffice.com or visit www.lollardstreet.com

Pictured: Ethelred Towers during building work a couple of years ago

Monday 16 December 2013

Update on Bird Walk

The alley between Wincott & Oakden Streets has been officially named Bird Walk.

One year ago we started to look into naming the alleyway and getting it properly 'adopted' by the Council. The frontrunner name was 'Bird Walk', as nearby Monkton Street used to be called 'Bird Street'. In June 2013 the name was officially changed. We are now speaking with our transport team to ensure that street naming signs are placed in Bird Walk.

Even though we have named Bird Walk, it is still not a part of the official public highway, like all the other pavements in the borough. As a result, the council has no obligation to clean or light the alley.

We are working through the legal process to adopt Bird Walk as an official highway, but we thought it was silly to not clean Bird Walk in the meantime and so you may have noticed that it is on the same cleaning schedule as Wincott & Oakden Streets (It will receive a once every two week sweep and a Monday, Wednesday and Friday litter pick).

We are also speaking with our PFI lighting contractor to investigate how we can light Bird Walk.

Next steps we are pursuing are:
  •     to put street signs up in Bird Walk
  •     ensuring Bird Walk is part of the official highway
  •     securing a plan to light Bird Walk
Pictured: Bird Walk before it was resurfaced and community activists created planting beds.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Your Priorities for Kennington & Vauxhall 2014-18

As you will be aware there will be local elections next May. As a result all councillors are looking at what we said we would do over the past four years and what we want to do over the coming four years.

We therefore wanted to take this opportunity to discover what your priorities are for Kennington & Vauxhall over 2014-18. It can be as small as fixing a pothole in a pavement or as big as the level of council tax you would like to see.

All ideas are welcome! To give you an idea, please see the manifesto Steve, Lorna and Mark stood on in 2010. Do you think we kept all our promises? Is there anything we could have done better?

If you can respond by emailing Steve before the end of the year that would be helpful. Steve, Lorna and Mark will then take your suggestions to council officers and our new candidates David, Chris and Joanne to see how we can make them a reality.

Pictured: Mark, Lorna and Steve campaigning in 2010 with local resident Jon

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Victory for residents - 8 Albert Embankment

Local residents have once again secured a major victory against the London Fire Authority’s handling of the plans to develop the site behind 8 Albert Embankment.

Residents of Whitgift House and Whitgift Street, supported by your local Labour Team, have consistently called for the Fire Authority to drop its unsatisfactory developer, Native Land. We are pleased to report that this hard work has paid off, and that members of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority yesterday voted to discontinue using Native Land.

Joining local campaigners Visakha Chandrasekera and Michael Ball at the London Fire Authority HQ this afternoon; Councillor Steve Morgan and Labour candidates Joanne Simpson and David Amos spoke out on residents’ behalf and publicly called for the abandonment of Native Land. Steve and Joanne also both met high level management of the Fire Authority last week to warn the body that they intended to publicly denounce the use of Native Land. Steve and Joanne highlighted three main issues: lack of public transparency, woeful levels of affordable housing and a contemptuous lack of regard for the opinions of local residents.

Your Labour Team is delighted that the Fire Authority has finally decided to listen to the concerns of the community and has realised that an alternative developer would produce a better deal, not only for local residents, but for the financial future of the Fire Authority too. This is a fantastic result and thoroughly deserved of the hard work and dedication of the local campaign.

You can be assured that your three Labour candidates David Amos, Chris Marsh and Joanne Simpson will continue to monitor this issue closely and ensure that the Fire Authority proceeds in its new choice of a developer in a transparent way. Your local Labour team will continue to support residents to ensure we secure the best benefits for the community.

Pictured: local campaigners at an earlier protest against Native Land outside the Fire Station

Proposal to close Kennington Park Post Office - your comments needed!

The Post Office have launched a consultation about their plans to close Kennington Park Post Office, at the junction of Kennington Road and Kennington Park Road. They claim customers could be served by the Walworth Road Post Office instead.

The details of the consultation are on the Post Office website - where you can submit your response.

They key questions they are asking are:  

  • How suitable do you think Walworth Road Post Office is and how easy it is to get there?
  • Is Walworth Road Post Office easy for you to get into and is it easily accessible inside?
  • Do you have any other concerns about the proposal?
  • If so, do you have any suggestions that could make it better for you or that you would like us to incorporate into the refurbishment plans for Walworth Road Post Office?
  • Are there any local issues that you think could be affected by the proposals?
Promoted by David Amos and Joanne Simpson of Prince's Branch Labour Party (Vauxhall Constituency and Lambeth Borough) all at 264A Rosendale Road, SE24 9DL