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Friday 23 May 2014

Thank you!

The result of the local election in Prince's ward has just been announced.

David, Chris and Joanne are thrilled to have been elected with big majorities.

They want to thank everybody who voted, and promise to work hard for everybody in Kennington and Vauxhall.

Here is the full result:

David Amos Labour 2342 20% Elected
Chris Marsh Labour 2160 18% Elected
Joanne Simpson Labour 2058 17% Elected
Claire Louise Barker Conservative 761 6% Not elected
James Howard Bellis Conservative 705 6% Not elected
Michael Charles Poole-Wilson Conservative 606 5% Not elected
Eleanor Anne Halsall Green 548 5% Not elected
Joe Taylor Green 479 4% Not elected
Vivienne Jane Baines Liberal Democrat 441 4% Not elected
Fern Christene Lindsay Green 428 4% Not elected
Malcolm Ian Baines Liberal Democrat 401 3% Not elected
Daisy Rose Christodoulou Liberal Democrat 360 3% Not elected
John Dodds UK Independence Party 334 3% Not elected
John Howard Independent 170 1% Not elected
Larry Hutchinson Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 95 1% Not elected

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