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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Parking controls introduced after councillors' lobbying



After several months of lobbying by councillors, Lambeth Living has finally introduced parking controls on a patch of paving behind Prichard House on Kennington Road.
Prichard House is part of the large development on the site of Kerrin Point, a Lambeth tower block which was demolished in the 1990s.
Councillors pointed out that parking controls would be needed on the new paved area, and that Lambeth Living was responsible for managing the land. After a lot of pressure they have now introduced controls, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to use the route unimpeded.


monkeyrush said...

Misleading - the 2 photos are taken from different angles. How were pedestrians and cyclists impeded in the first pic. Now it is just dead space and weeds will start to sprout between the block paving. The double yellow lines are also technically unnecessary (and unsightly) on private land.

Mark Harrison said...

I don't think the angle the photos were taken from makes any difference.

Pedestrians and cyclists were impeded by the parked cars. Now people can get through unimpeded.

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