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Sunday, 21 April 2013

New windows for remaining parts of Ethelred TMO

The scaffolding is up around Tomkyns House to enable the long-awaited replacement of windows there.

Thanks to last year's transfer of Ethelred TMO Estate to Watmos, there is now money for a comprehensive five year refurbishment plan for the whole estate.

One of the top priorities is to replace the remaining windows on blocks which were missed out the first time that windows were replaced on the estate. Residents of Tomkyns House, Newport Street, Lambeth Walk, Stoughton Close, Saperton Walk, Juxon Street and Ingram Close have all had to put up with draughty windows whilst the rest of the estate enjoyed doubled glazed windows.

Many tenants have already had their kitchens replaced - over the next four years all tenants who need new kitchens and bathrooms will have the work done. The TMO also has other plans for improving the environment around the estate - including planting, painting, and new signage.

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