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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Work starting next month at Old Paradise Gardens (the Rec)

 Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground will have £150,000 of landscape improvements completed by the end of summer 2013. Landscape contractors, Randall Contracting, were awarded the job in April 2013 and
are due to start works in May 2013. The funding has come from a section 106 agreement with a local developer. The improvement works were  prioritised in line with the refurbishment plan (shown in figure 1 below) which was developed alongside the Friends of Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground and from local consultation results. The works will include refurbishment of pathways, the central water feature, entrances, play area, park furniture and plantings.

Adam Thomas of Amazea Ltd is the landscape architect who designed the improvements and will contract
administer the physical works. The commencement of works has taken longer than anticipated due to the
discharging of planning requirements, as the site has listed features and is an ex-burial ground.

An opening event will be held in autumn 2013 to celebrate the improvement works and the renaming of the
park to Old Paradise Gardens.

The improvements that are included in the £150,000 contract are:

  • Refurbishment of the path network (excluding the watchtower area).
  • Refurbishment of the central water feature. This includes a water play pump, plantings and seating.
  • A new entrance at the corner of Lambeth High Street (the north-east corner entrance to the park).
  • Refurbishment of the existing play area and inclusion of a new natural play feature.

Improvement Items that maybe added to the contract depending on the remaining contingency budget include:

  • Refurbishment of the Whitgift Street entrance.
  • A new perimeter path on the eastern side of the park to connect to the existing perimeter path of the western side.
  • Lowering of the eastern wall in the walled watchtower area to create safe sightlines.
  • Additional planting works.
The work is due for completion in August.

1 comment:

Eva Evangelakou said...

Well done; such wonderful news!

Theophrastus Social Botany would like to offer the planting of an olive tree at Old Paradise Gardens to mark your opening event and our olive tree planting campaign.

Eva Evangelakou

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