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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Consultation on strategy for older people's housing

The Council is consulting people about its plans for housing for older people.

It has a new strategy for older people's housing. Our existing sheltered housing is in a poor state, and in many cases not fit for purpose. We need high quality, attractive, flexible, modern older people's housing to cater for our growing elderly population.

The Council's proposals include building new 'extra care' centres. Extra care housing offers older people the opportunity to remain independent in their own homes, but also to access 24 hour on-site care. People can enter extra care housing when they are fit and mobile with the expectation that they can draw on care services as their circumstances change. People who live in extra care housing have their own self-contained homes, their own front doors, but extra care housing comes in many built forms, including blocks of flats, bungalow estates and retirement villages. These developments are intended to bring together people of differing needs to create a more sustainable community. Extra care homes are homes for life that can adapt to a person’s changing needs as they grow. It is a popular choice among older people because it can sometimes provide an alternative to a care home.

The proposals involve changes to existing Council-owned sheltered housing.

Denby Court (pictured at the back of the photo) on Lambeth Walk is not fit for purpose - as half of the flats are only accessible by stairs. The strategy proposes replacing Denby Court with a new Extra Care centre.

Bland/ Burchell House on the Vauxhall Gardens is proposed become social housing designated for older people. It is not suitable to become an Extra Care centre.

The strategy is ambitious and challenging. The Council is well aware that proposing any changes to elderly people's living arrangements could cause distress. Residents of affected sheltered housing schemes have already had meetings to discuss the proposals, and any changes will be phased over time to minimise any disruption.

You can give your views in many different ways - please visit the Council's consultation webpages to find out how.

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