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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Proposed pavement widening & raised entry treatment on Newport Street

As part of an ongoing development of Damien Hirst's new gallery, it is proposed to widen the pavement on the western side of
Newport Street and to introduce a raised entry treatment at the junction with Old Paradise Street to improve “at level” crossing facilities for pedestrians and slow vehicle speeds.

The main change is that the pavement along the front of the art gallery would be widened by approximately 1.6m (it is currently about 1.8m) to allow for some bicycle racks to be installed, allow enough room for queuing visitors and to create a more “impressive” entrance to what the applicant hopes is going to be a high profile and well visited attraction. All works would be entirely at the developer’s expense.

The plans are being sent to homes and businesses in the area, and the plans can be emailed to anybody who is interested. Lambeth Council will be collecting people's views until 18 November.

Local councillors have already asked that work takes place to improve dropped kerbs on Old Paradise Street so that people with wheelchairs and pushchairs can use the pavement more easily, for trees to be planted on Newport Street, for the surface of the raised crossing to be robust enough to stand up to HGVs, and for new street nameplates for all the corners in the area.

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