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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Another Tesco for Kennington

Many people have been asking what is happening to the old bingo hall/cinema building at 216 Kennington Road. Tesco have now revealed that they are planning to open a new Express Store in the summer of 2012.

Despite much speculation as to who would be taking over the site Tesco has only signed the agreement to use the building in the last few weeks.

The site was granted planning permission for retail use in 2008 and was renewed in 2010. Before they open their store Tesco will have to submit a planning application for the signage they will use outside of the store. They will also have to submit a licensing application if they plan to sell alcohol.

The Tesco press release confirming the opening of the store is below.


Tesco is delighted to confirm its interest to open a Tesco Express convenience food store in Kennington Road. at the former bingo hall.

The former bingo hall which has been empty for some time will be converted into eight apartment and an Express.

Carol Leslie, Tesco spokesperson said: 'We think this is an excellent location for a Tesco Express and we are delighted to have secured a lease on these premises.'

The `Express’ is a small convenience food store that focuses on bringing quality, service, value and fresh produce to peoples’ doorsteps.

Carol continued: 'Our Express stores are extremely popular and can bring lots of benefit to the community it serves. Not only will it keep people shopping in the area but is extremely convenient for residents and workers and those people who have no transport or those preferring to shop on foot. We believe it will benefit the area by encouraging people to shop locally and also cut down on car journeys to other shopping areas.'

She added: 'Our Express stores are all about being local, employing local people, serving local people, working with local traders and actively supporting the local community. It will employ around 20 staff.'


Andrew Orange said...

She went on to say: 'Tesco will not rest until every shop is either a Tesco or is boarded up with a "To Let" sign on it.'

KenningtonLady said...

Not another Tesco- surely it's a monopoly? We'd like some choice! Ideally I would have loved to see an independant (like Greensmiths of Lower March)open up.

powkin said...

Absolutely insane - how are the council allowing this?! There are already 2 tesco's within a mile of each other as well as the Londis and 2 smaller convenience stores. How can they possibly argue for another food store, let alone another bloody Tesco. It is obscene. Ever so long ago we were promised some 'community use'. I don't think another tesco qualifies. Why don't local members of the community get a say?! I would benefit a lot from that shop being at the top of my road but I don't want it, I want to support local businesses. Absolutely disgusted.

Mark Harrison said...

The Council can't control which shop opens in this unit.

Planning permission was granted for retail use back in 2008.

My personal view is that a different shop would have been preferable, as almost all the supermarkets in the area are Tescos. But we can't stop them from opening.

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