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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Linear park for Tyers Street

A steering group has formed to make plans for a community-led linear park to be created in Tyers Street, through the Vauxhall Gardens Estate.

The street is currently long and empty, with little traffic, parking, or people.

Councillor Mark Harrison believes it could be transformed into an extension of Vauxhall Spring Gardens.

He's teamed up with other local residents, including the Secretary of VGERTA, who have set up a website calling for initial ideas about the park. Please get in touch!


Concerned resident said...

But you have made absolutely no effort to contact those residents living directly alongside this proposed park.
We have enough problems with excessive noise at night and violent crime in this area without creating another muggers paradise.

Mark Harrison said...

That isn't true. The idea was first raised at a meeting of VGERTA to test the water. It's been publicised on VGERTA's email list amongst others. The whole point of us raising the idea and asking for comments is so that people can express an initial view about the principle. So far most residents have been very positive, though safety and crime will be one of the biggest issues we will need to think about. Once we have initial feedback and some design ideas we will then consult properly.

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