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Monday, 16 December 2013

Update on Bird Walk

The alley between Wincott & Oakden Streets has been officially named Bird Walk.

One year ago we started to look into naming the alleyway and getting it properly 'adopted' by the Council. The frontrunner name was 'Bird Walk', as nearby Monkton Street used to be called 'Bird Street'. In June 2013 the name was officially changed. We are now speaking with our transport team to ensure that street naming signs are placed in Bird Walk.

Even though we have named Bird Walk, it is still not a part of the official public highway, like all the other pavements in the borough. As a result, the council has no obligation to clean or light the alley.

We are working through the legal process to adopt Bird Walk as an official highway, but we thought it was silly to not clean Bird Walk in the meantime and so you may have noticed that it is on the same cleaning schedule as Wincott & Oakden Streets (It will receive a once every two week sweep and a Monday, Wednesday and Friday litter pick).

We are also speaking with our PFI lighting contractor to investigate how we can light Bird Walk.

Next steps we are pursuing are:
  •     to put street signs up in Bird Walk
  •     ensuring Bird Walk is part of the official highway
  •     securing a plan to light Bird Walk
Pictured: Bird Walk before it was resurfaced and community activists created planting beds.

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