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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Speed table for Lambeth Walk and other improvements for cyclists

The Council are planning to carry out some improvements which should make a significant difference to many cycle trips in our area.

At the junction of Lambeth Walk, Lollard Street and Old Paradise Street (pictured) the existing two raised crossings will be replaced with a single speed table for the whole junction, so that cyclists don't have to bump up and down twice when crossing the junction. The change will also stop vehicles speeding east-west through the junction, and make other improvements to the public realm.

Further north, Carlisle Lane will be resurfaced, which is excellent news for all road users, as it has terrible potholes along its length. The Council will be allowing cyclists to travel in both directions along Carlisle Lane. This will allow cyclists to safely travel more directly and conveniently.

The statutory consultation deadline has passed, but if you have any serious concerns about these proposals please do let us know.


MrJackBaker said...

What ever happened to cyclists being allowed to go against the one-way flow on Wincott Street?

Mark Harrison said...

The work will be taking place soon.

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