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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shameless developer tries to slash affordable housing from 31% to 0% at Vauxhall Sky Gardens

As your local Labour councillors we want your help to oppose the scrapping of 75 affordable homes in the Vauxhall Sky Gardens development, preventing local residents who will otherwise struggle to get on the housing ladder to live here in Vauxhall.

We know that local people place a great value on living in mixed communities, with good quality housing that is accessible to people of all income levels. It is vital that we have that balance in new developments too, which is why Lambeth Council has such a tough planning policy that means that they must include as much affordable housing as can be afforded.

The developer of Vauxhall Sky Gardens originally agreed to provide 75 affordable housing units, and are now trying to shirk their responsibility by removing all the affordable housing. We want to make it clear to big developers, both now and in the future, that we won't stand by and let them shirk their responsibility to preserve mixed communities.

Lambeth's planning applications committee has the power to reject the developers attempt to scrap all of the affordable housing in Vauxhall Sky Gardens, backed by the Council's tough policy on affordable housing, but it is important that we help them by showing that the community would be right behind them. So we want as many local people as possible to make their voices heard by registering their opposition to the developers' attempt to shirk their responsibilities, and demand that they reinstate the affordable housing quota.

If you support our campaign then please visit the Lambeth Planning Website and register to make your objection or alternatively write your objection to planning applications using the reference 13/00686/S106, and send it to Lambeth Planning, Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road, London, SW8 2LL.

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