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Sunday, 3 March 2013

100 more police

Lambeth Council has launched a campaign calling for the Mayor of London to provide an additional
100 police officers for Lambeth to make our streets safer.

The Mayor of London is responsible for policing across London. According to his own figures the number of police officers in Lambeth has fallen by 20 per cent since 2010. That’s the biggest
reduction of any London borough. Lambeth had 1,052 officers in May 2010, but just 838 by December 2012, meaning we lost 214 police officers in that time.

A fair deal for Lambeth

While Lambeth has suffered a 20 per cent reduction in police numbers, other boroughs like Hammersmith and Fulham has only seen a reduction of five per cent. Lambeth residents pay just as much for the police, through the Mayor’s portion of the council tax – we are entitled to get our fair share of police. 100 more police officers would mean Lambeth being treated like other London boroughs and will bring us in line with the London average. We think that’s a fair deal.

Five reasons why we need 100 more police officers for Lambeth

1. Local policing works for Lambeth and we know community confidence comes from good, local, visible policing. 100 more police will let us continue to combat crime at a local level.

2. We are at the forefront of tackling violence against women and girls. 100 more police will allow us to continue this vital work.

3. We have the second highest robbery rates in London and are in the top three boroughs for serious violent crime. 100 more police will mean putting resources where they are needed most.

4. Residents need to know we are serious about ending the cycle of gang crime. 100 more police will send a clear message that gang violence will be stopped.

5. The fear of crime is the top concern for our residents yet we are facing the biggest reduction in police numbers of all London boroughs. 100 more police will show residents we are on their side.

What’s the alternative?

The Mayor of London has set out his proposals on policing at www.london.gov.uk

Get involved

The Mayor of London will make a final decision on police numbers by April. You can make your voice heard by signing the petition.

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