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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New play area for Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green

 Last year the Council carried out a consultation on creating new play areas at Lambeth Walk Doorstep Green (between Fitzalan Street and Lollard Street).

Originally three play areas were proposed, but budget constraints mean that the Council is now proposing to go ahead with only one of the play areas for the time being. It will be aimed for under 6 year olds, and located in what is currently a dark corner of the park, behind the Adventure Playground building and up against the Adventure Playground's ball court. The Veolia Environmental Trust will contribute £17000 towards the project. Construction is likely to begin in April and be completed by June.

Results of the consultation

Support for the play areas was nearly unanimous. News of the upcoming play area construction was welcomed by 76 responses, with 2 firm objections noted. The objections were due to:

  • Keeping the open space in a ‘quiet’, green condition.
  • Not agreeing with the separation of the older and younger children’s play areas.

Comments included:

  • Opening the sports pitch to unrestricted use to widen the opportunity for play.
  • The play area needs to be robust to minimise vandalism.
  • Clear out shrubbery around the proposed 2-6 play area for better safety and security.
  • Seating with back rests or picnic tables needs to be provided.
  • Dog proof fencing is important.
  • Swings, slides and climbing equipment were favoured most.
  • The idea of a landscaped play area was well received with the inclusion of traditional equipment.


Eileen Bagge said...

Its amazing that this can be done in months and starts in April and finish in June! What about over 2 years for Lambeth High Street Recreation Ground to not even get started?

Mark Harrison said...

Agreed - something to take up with Callum Brown - officer responsible for both projects.

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