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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Letter to residents about eviction of squatters from 130 Newington Butts

Re. Recent Anti-social behaviour at 130-138 Newington Butts

Dear Resident,

Following repeated complaints regarding noise from the Camelot Guardians who were living in the building we, the owners of the building, decided to end the contract with Camelot on the 19th November. An alternative security company was engaged to secure the building.

However, on the 29th November we discovered the locks had been tampered with and we were unable to gain access. The building was being illegally occupied. The illegal occupants stated that they would move once a court order had been obtained. We immediately began the process to obtain a possession order. On December 21st the occupants were served with an Interim Possession Order. This order required the illegal occupants to leave within 24 hours. The occupants failed to leave and during the New Year’s period they held a 24 hour party which caused a major nuisance to local residents.

We have been working with the local police and your Councillors to establish the best way of enforcing the possession order but the number of squatters has meant that we have had to wait until potential police manpower is available.

On the 7th January we successfully evicted the squatters. Now we have regained possession we will install 24 hour security on the site to prevent this happening again. We will also continue working with your local Councillors and Council on the demolition and redevelopment of this site.

The DSF deeply regret the disturbance local residents have suffered we will make every effort to work with residents and their representatives in the future to ensure that our development can progress as quickly as possible.

To view and comment on the redevelopment of the site, which will soon be decided by Lambeth Council, please visit the Council website using Ref. 12/00054/FUL and email planning@lambeth.gov.uk with your thoughts.

Yours Faithfully,

Steve Logie

Operations Manager
Dolphin Square Foundation

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