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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Leaseholder bills from Lambeth Living

Over the past couple of weeks many Lambeth Living leaseholders have been surprised by large and unexpected increases in the estimates for the coming year's service charges.

Chief Executive of Lambeth Living Cathy Deplessis attempted to explain the situation at a meeting of the North Lambeth Area Leaseholder Forum on Tuesday.

One major cause of the change to bills is the results of a review into leasehold charges which completed last month. In theory the change should result in more accurate billing. However, the new estimates are much larger than anticipated in many cases, and Cathy Deplessis apologised for the lack of communication to leaseholders about the likely impact. Lambeth Living are now conducting a review into the new policy. They promised to write to leaseholders in early August, explaining the situation and any changes that might result from that review.

Other issues that have caused the higher estimates are higher costs for insurance, fuel, and repairs and maintainance.

Councillor Mark Harrison commented, 'there have clearly been serious problems with the estimates for this year's leaseholder charges, and Cathy Deplessis has acknowledged that the service Lambeth Living have provided is unacceptable. Any leaseholder who wants help querying their bill is welcome to contact their councillor, who will be happy to help out. Leaseholders have suffered from terrible services for many years, and it's about time they began to see some improvements'.

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