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Friday, 2 September 2011

Success dealing with intimidating street drinkers at Vauxhall Street shops

Local residents around Vauxhall Street have confirmed that anti-social behaviour outside the shops has massively reduced after police intervention this summer.

Some street drinkers outside the shop were regularly causing a nuisance - intimidating passers-by and urinating outside people's homes.

After residents complained, Councillor Mark Harrison asked the police and the Council's anti-social behaviour team to investigate what could be done to solve the problem. They have spoken to off licences in the area to make some simple changes to the way they sell alcohol, and engaged regularly with the street drinkers to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Thanks to this work, street drinking outside the shops on Vauxhall Street has virtually disappeared in the past week. The police will continue to keep a close eye on the area to ensure the problems don't start up again.

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