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Friday 23 September 2011

Councillors object to Fire HQ redevelopment

Prince’s ward councillors’ objection to 10/04473/FUL – Fire Brigade HQ redevelopment

We wish to object to this development on the following grounds:

-Proportion of affordable housing. 7% is completely insufficient and far short of Lambeth’s 40% target. We are suspicious of the developer’s claim that any more would make the scheme unaffordable – they have radically revised their scheme on several occasions, having previously said this would be impossible.

-Level of parking spaces. The site has a PTAL level of 6 with excellent access to public transport. There are excellent bus, tube and bike hire services within walking distance and most of central London is walkable from the location. Therefore it should be a car free development. Only parking for the fire brigade, disabled drivers and car club spaces should be provided. The unnecessary 69 parking spaces will significantly increase traffic in the area. Residents of the new buildings should not be entitled to on-street parking permits.

-Location of affordable housing. Building G is entirely affordable housing. This accentuates the division the railway viaduct makes between a wealthy riverside strip of land and the deprived estates to the east of the viaduct. Affordable housing should be located to the west of the viaduct and Building G should contain private housing to create a better mix of housing tenures in both locations. Currently the proposal contravenes the London Plan policy to create mixed and balanced communities.

-Loss of commercial space in Building G. Building G is opposite the shops and pubs of Black Prince Road, and is an obvious place for a ground floor retail/ restaurant unit to contribute to the successful local cluster of businesses operating there. Lambeth’s planning policies do not allow bedrooms on the ground floor in this area because of the risk of flooding.

-We believe the design of Building G is a missed opportunity to create a well-designed and well-proportioned building which will complement the similar-sized heritage buildings around it (the Ragged School, the Queen’s Head, and the Jolly Gardeners).

-We also have serious concerns about the effect on light to Whitgift House. Analysis by GL Hearn commissioned by Lambeth Council clearly states that all but one of the windows tested will transgress the BRE Report guideline values for VSC. All rooms will transgress the BRE report guideline on the first floor, and 10 rooms will transgress the BRE guidelines on the second floor. There are further transgressions on the higher floors. It further states that 28 of 63 windows would not meet the BRE guidelines on Sunlight amenity. These reductions to the daylight and sunlight amenity are considerable and will have a serious impact on the amenity of the residents of Whitgift House.

Whitgift House residents have launched a petition against the scheme - you can sign it here

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