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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Vauxhall residents highlight Pleasure Gardens nightclub problems

Local residents from the Prince's Safer Neighbourhoods Team and the Friends of Vauxhall Spring Gardens are pushing for action to deal with problems associated with some of the nightclubs in the arches at Goding Street/ Albert Embankment.

There is confusion about who owns the land at Albert Embankment. The confusion has allowed businesses to erect structures on the pavement and grass which aren't licensed. Councillors have asked that the land ownership issue is sorted out so proper licensing of the outdoor activity can take place, to prevent problems like these screen blocking the pavement.

At the rear of the arches Goding Street is a real mess, no matter how many times the Council seems to clean the street.

On a Monday morning litter is strewn across Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Some clubbers sit out in the park at all hours of the weekend - many of them leave considerable amounts of litter.

Now council officers and the police are getting involved to put pressure on the clubs whose patrons are causing the problems.

Councillor Mark Harrison said 'Vauxhall's nighttime economy is a fantastic benefit for the area, and we want to support it wherever we can. However, club owners have a responsibility to ensure they and their patrons aren't causing problems like littering in our area.'

Photos courtesy of Eamonn McMahon, Chair of the Prince's SNT.

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