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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lambeth Living walkabout schedule

Lambeth Living hold walkabouts around all their estates to identify problems which need resolving. Residents are welcome to join officers and councillors on these walkabouts. The schedule for this year is as follows:

Kennings Estate
Outside Fowey House
Wednesday 22 June 09.30
Wednesday 2 November 09.30
Bunmi Idollor

Penwith Manor
Tavy Close, White Hart Street
Wednesday 22 June 14.00
Wednesday 2 November 14.00
Bunmi Idollor

Cotton Gardens Estate
Outside Fairford House
Wednesday 29 June 09.30
Wednesday 9 November 09.30
Derrick Brown

Coverley Point & Haymans Point
Outside Coverley Point entrance
Wednesday 29 June 14.00
Wednesday 9 November 14.00
Raphael Abakani

Black Prince Road Estate
Black Prince Road entrance to Sullivan House
Wednesday 6 July 09.30
Wednesday 16 November 09.30
Bunmi Idollor

Vauxhall Five
Outside Tenants Hall
Wednesday 6 July 14.30
Wednesday 16 November 14.30
Bunmi Idollor

Vauxhall Gardens Estate
Aveline Street
Wednesday 13 July 09.30 (All day)
Wednesday 23 November 09.30 (All day)
Raphael Abakani

Vauxhall Gardens Estate
Waylett & Duffel Houses
O/s Waylett House Entrance
Wednesday 20 July 09.30
Wednesday 30 November 09.30
Bunmi Idollor

Ethelred Towers
Entrance to Ward Point
Wednesday 10 August 14.00
Wednesday 10 January 14.00
Derrick Brown

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