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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Lorna, Mark and Steve nominated as Labour's candidates for Prince's ward

The Labour party in Prince's ward has officially nominated sitting councillors Lorna Campbell, Mark Harrison, and Stephen Morgan as candidates for election to Lambeth Council.
Lorna, Mark and Steve's election address is being delivered to homes across Kennington and Vauxhall. It details the work that Labour councillors have done in SE11 over the past four years, personal statements from the candidates, and details of Lambeth Labour's commitments to voters.
Voters should already have received manifestos from Lambeth Labour, and election addresses from Kate Hoey MP.
On Thursday 6 May voters will have four votes - one for Vauxhall's MP, and three for Prince's ward's councillors. We hope we can persuade you to lend all four votes to Labour.
Pictured: Labour's team for Prince's ward: Cllr Steve Morgan, Cllr Lorna Campbell, Kate Hoey MP, and Cllr Mark Harrison.

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