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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Councillors celebrate new bike stands at Kennington Cross

Councillors Lorna, Mark and Steve today visited Kennington Cross to inspect the new bike stands installed by Transport for London.

They have been installed after years of campaigning and pressure from local residents and councillors.

Mark said 'bike stands were badly needed for users of the library, shops and pubs at Kennington Cross. We're delighted that TfL have finally listened and got the stands installed.'


Charlie Holland said...

Fantastic progress.

Next can we get Sancroft Street, and all the local one-way streets, made two-way for cyclists. People could then cycle down it and use the toucan to get across to the parking rather than having to risk turning from Black Prince Road onto a 4-lane A road!

Rob said...

Pleased to see bike parking here at last - though it adds even more ironmongery to what be the most thickly-cluttered piece of streetscape in London!

Any chance of thinning out some of the forest of unnecessary metal on that triangle just by the racks?

Mark Harrison said...

Getting streets made 2 way for cyclists is more difficult and timeconsuming, but definitely something we will push for.

Re ironmongery - probably not!
12 iron bollards > stop illegal parking and are expensive replicas of Victorian originals made when the junction was renovated a decade or so ago.
3 metal posts holding road signs > Upto to TfL but main roads do need some signage
1 set of traffic lights > pretty essential
1 set of pedestrian lights > pretty essential
1 post for a pedestrian push-button unit > pretty essential
1 post with a 'no cycling' sign > will check this one out
1 keep right bollard > will check this one out
1 No Entry sign > pretty essential
1 flower tub > the only opportunity for greenery on the junction!
1 ugly historic pillar thing > it's the ventilation stack for the Victorian toilets underneath - absolutely no way it could go!
1 set of railings (presumably listed) guarding a locked disused lavatory > again, these lavatories are really well preserved, and there is a project to renovate them as a community space.

galesbury said...

Steven Morgan I resent your dallying with Orpington almost as much as I resent your atttiude on this blog.

a) Expectation that a blog author would feel in ANY way obliged to contact you.

b) Your trite comments in reply to the very people you are already entrusted to represent. You are after all a sitting incumbent.

c) Your committment to SE11 is flimsy on the back of your interest in Orpington and non performace in attending council meetings.

Shameful. You ought to more contrite, and offer an apology to the residents of Princes' Ward.

Awful Cllr. So poor.

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