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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ban on anti-social street drinking

New rules have been agreed that will help put an end to antisocial drinking on Lambeth’s streets.

The whole of Lambeth will now be covered by a Controlled Drinking Zone (CDZ) order that gives the police increased powers to deal with people drinking in public places. Lambeth Labour councillors voted to bring in the new powers, aimed at tackling anti-social drinkers, and they will come into force on 1 December.

The new powers will not make it illegal for people to drink in public, and there have been assurances that people will still be able to enjoy a drink in the borough’s parks and public areas – if they act responsibly.

A number of smaller CDZ have been introduced in parts of the borough already and have proved popular with people living and working close to those areas. The zone allows the police to confiscate alcohol and move people on if they are behaving in an antisocial way. Police will monitor how frequently and where the powers are being used and officers will be able to issue a £50 fixed penalty if they believe someone is acting in an anti-social manner due to alcohol. People could also be handed a fine of up to £500 if they do not comply with an officer’s request to surrender alcohol when Lambeth becomes a CDZ.

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