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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Tory Mayor targets fare rises on London's poorest

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced eye-watering increases to tube and bus fares, after mismanaging Transport for London's finances.

The highest rises (20%) have been for bus fares, hitting London's poorest people hardest.

Yet despite the fare rises the Mayor has announced:
- reduced bus services
- reduced Tube services (in outer London)
- deferral of all Metronet station renewals
- delays to Victoria line upgrade
- deferral of step-free access

Boris is putting fares up apparently to balance the books, yet he has wasted money by:
- scrapping the Western Extension (£70m)
- abandoned plans to charge 4x4s more (£50m)
- replacing bendy buses with single deckers (£30m extra year)
- Total: around £150m

Cllr Mark Harrison said 'Boris Johnson has shown his true Tory colours by hitting the poorest people hardest with his fare increases. Bus users in south London have already been let down by him cancelling the Cross River Tram project - now they are hit with inflation-busting fare rises.'

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