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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mark pushes for road repairs

Mark Harrison, Labour's candidate for the Prince's ward by-election, has written to residents of several streets to explain how he is supporting plans to repair potholes and resurface streets.

Bowden Street (pictured) has a narrow pavement and the road surface is in a poor state. Mark is campaigning for the street to be redesigned and resurfaced.

Chester Way and Stannary Street both have appalling potholes, which are making driving a bumpy experience. Mark is arguing that these streets should be prioritised for resurfacing.

Finally, streets on the Ethelred Estate have been neglected for many years. Gibson Road and Marylee Way are in a particularly bad way. Mark wants to see investment from the Council in these estate roads.

The good news is that Labour has more than DOUBLED the council budget for road replacement. Labour can invest this money because it has fixed the financial mess that the Lib Dems left when they were booted out in 2006.

Mark commented 'this increased investment from Labour should help us fix our streets that have been neglected for so long'.

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