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Monday, 4 May 2009

Mark launches crime action plan

Labour's candidate for the Prince's ward by-election, Mark Harrison, has launched a five point action plan to cut crime and anti-social behaviour in Kennington and Vauxhall.
The measures are:
1) Compulsory tagging for dangerous dogs on estates
2) Guaranteed funding to get CCTV working again
3) Save the Lilian Baylis Old School Site so young people have positive things to do locally
4) Hit drug dealers and buyers with ASBOs that ban them from SE11
5) Support Labour's Neighbourhood Police Team - say no to Boris Johnson's police cuts!
Mark commented: 'My action plan will make local people safer. I know what the problems are because I live here. I know tough action against criminals and more investment to give young people things to do is the only way to crack crime on local streets'.
Labour's record on tackling crime in Lambeth stands in sharp contrast to the Lib Dems'. The Lib Dems:
- Served no ASBOs at all for three years
- Voted against Labour's neighbourhood police teams
- Left Lambeth with the worst funded youth service and the highest level of gun, gang and knife crime in the country
- Wanted to legalise brothels and kerb crawling on local streets
- Even campaigned against the Police's own plans to improve local police stations!
Mark has asked local people to get in touch to let him know what more can be done to fight crime and anti-social behaviour in their area. Email markh@lambethlabour.com or phone 07534 136085.

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