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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Your chance to choose a new councillor

Dear Neighbour,

Our fellow councillor, Sam Townend, has decided to resign from the council. That means there will be a by-election on 4th June so you can elect a new councillor to represent you at the town hall.

Sam is stepping down as he is no longer able to devote enough time to represent local people to the best of his ability. Sam and his wife Tamara recently had a new baby, his job as a barrister has become busier, and he has also been selected to stand as an MP in Bristol. With all those new demands on his time, Sam feels it’s right to allow you to choose a new councillor who can commit the time necessary to represent you properly. The by-election will take place on the same day as the European elections so there will be minimal inconvenience and expense to voters and tax payers.

Steve Morgan and Lorna Campbell remain as two of your councillors, but on 4 June you have the chance to vote for a third councillor to work with us. We hope you will vote for the Labour candidate because that’s the only way to guarantee no return to the days of chaos, fraud and 40% council-tax hikes we all suffered when the Lib Dems ran Lambeth Council before 2006.

If you have any questions about the by-election on 4 June, or you need our help with any other council issue that is affecting you then please get in touch with us.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Lorna Campbell

Cllr Steve Morgan

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