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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Elections for Lambeth's second youth mayor

Are you aged between 11 and 21? Do you live, work or study in Lambeth? Make your voice heard in the Lambeth youth elections!

Lambeth will soon be holding its second Youth Mayor elections, which aim to give a voice to young people in Lambeth which will be listened to by local and national government, businesses and young peoples’ service providers. It provides an opportunity for young people to become involved in the democratic process and take real, positive action within their local community.

Lambeth Labour introduced the Youth Mayor in 2008, and it has been extremely successful, despite being branded as a 'gimmick' by the Lib Dems. Last year’s Youth Mayor Elections attracted 35 potential candidates and the votes of over 3000 local young people who chose 15 year old Satya Panigrahi (pictured)as their first ever Youth Mayor. Satya is from Streatham, and Prince's councillors think 2009's Mayor should be from the north of the borough!

The Youth Mayor acts as spokesperson for young people in Lambeth and provides a link between the young people, media, decision-makers and service-providers. The Youth Mayor is responsible for allocating £25,000 in funding to projects designed for and run by local young people. The Youth Mayor will also work in partnership with other members of Lambeth Youth Council to highlight and campaign on issues which are important to local people.

If you want to be Lambeth’s Youth Mayor or UKYP Member you would be seen as a figurehead for young people. This would involve attending press opportunities, meetings with decision-makers and time to consult with your peers. It is a very ‘hand-on’ role and devoting some time to the project would be a must.

To nominate yourself to be Lambeth’s Youth Mayor or UK Youth Parliament Member, just click here!

On 26 February selected schools in Lambeth will be hosting polling stations to enable their students to vote. For everyone else voting will be online only and voters must be registered by 3 February 2009 for their votes to count. To register to vote in both elections, just click here!

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