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Friday, 9 January 2009

Busy week for Labour in Kennington

It's been a busy week for Labour activists in our area.

On Sunday 4 January a group of six hardy volunteers braved freezing temperatures to knock on doors in Methley Street, Radcot Street, Ravendsdon Street, Milverton Street and Stannery Street. We spoke to residents about local priorities for investment, invited people to our coffee morning, and delivered calendars. The volunteers included Leader of Lambeth Council Steve Reed, who was keen to find out about Kennington issues, such as the Beaufoy Institute.

On Wednesday 7 January nearly 30 local Labour party members met to discuss June's election for the European Parliament. We met Lambeth resident Anne Fairweather (pictured), who is third on the Labour list of candidates. If Labour does well in June Anne could join Claude Moraes and Mary Honeyball as Labour's third MEP for London.

Anne explained the importance of having engaged Labour representation in the European Parliament. In recent months Labour MEPs have secured equal rights for agency workers, as well as a maximum 48 hour working week for all employees. Working alongside our European partners gives us greater weight in international affairs, whether that's our approach to Russia and gas supplies, or our response to the current crisis in Gaza. Our economy benefits hugely from being within the EU, but we need to engage in order to ensure decisions are taken that are fair to the UK. The Tories have decided to leave the mainstream centre-right group in the European Parliament in order to join a strange collection of right-wing fringe parties, opposed to the EU. That decision demonstrates clearly that they are not serious about standing up for Britain by participating properly in the EU.

The European election takes place on Thursday 4 June. Citizens from the UK, Ireland, the EU, and the Commonwealth can all vote in European and local elections. Register to vote now

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