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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Vauxhall footbridge to close temporarily - and possibly permanently?

Transport for London are applying for a temporary footbridge closure notice in order to build the Cycle Superhighway Route 5 Inner Section.

As part of Cycle Superhighway Route 5 Inner Section TfL are considering the permanent removal of this footbridge, therefore this closure will be accompanied by a monitoring study to asses the impacts of closure and alternative routing of pedestrians in the area.

At present exact dates are still to be confirmed, however the bridge will be closed for approximately 10 days during the period 1 October 2013 – 31 March 2014.

If you have views about the temporary or permanent closure please let us know.


MrJackBaker said...

Permanent closure please! It's just morally wrong that pedestrians have to climb up stairs while drivers get to scoot through with no obstacles. And don't make pedestrians go through some sort of long maze instead!

Unknown said...

Give priority to pedestrians and stop TfL treating the neighbourhood as a place to go through. Get rid of the foot bridge by all means but there needs to be a proper crossing at this point. The footfall is going to increase significantly in the coming years so they need to get it right first time.

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