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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Licensing: 24 hours for Texaco garage?

The Texaco Garage on Kennington Road (in front of Brittany Point and Prichard House) has applied for a 24 hour alcohol licence.

Premises Address: Kennington Service Station - Petrol Station, 212 Kennington Road, London

Proposed extension of hours –
Supply of Alcohol
Monday - Sunday   00:00  - 00:00

Removal of the following condition –
Restriction in hours for the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises.

Current Licensed Hours
Supply of Alcohol
Monday - Sunday   06:00  - 02:00

Deadline for representations: 8 March 2013

Vauxhall club Union has applied for a Sexual Entertainment venue licence. The other gay clubs in Vauxhall applied for these licences last year to regularise some of their entertainment after a change in the law. You can read the minutes of the committee meeting which made decisions about these licences, and the explanations from venues applying for these licences last year.

Premises Address: Union, Arch 66 Goding Street, London, SE11 5AW

Activities/times requested:

Sex Cinema
Monday - Sunday   00:00  - 00:00

Sexual Entertainment Venue
Monday - Sunday   00:00  - 00:00

Sex Shop
Monday - Sunday   00:00  - 00:00

Propose additional condition
We have a concern that the majority of the council’s standard SEV conditions do not apply as they are aimed at lap dancing clubs and therefore we propose that an additional condition which states “The SEV conditions only apply when SEV type activities are taking place.”

Deadline for representations: 10 March 2013.

Current licensing applications can be viewed on the Council's website.
Please read our guide to licensing before making a representation. 
If you'd like advice from your councillors, please don't hesitate to email us.

Update from Duchy Arms licensing review

On 24 January the Licensing Committee heard an application for a review of the Duchy Arms' licence, after noise complaints. Their original licence allowed them to open till 2am. The Committee imposed amendments and conditions to the licence, which are detailed below. These bring opening hours into line with other pubs close to Kennington Cross, and impose conditions to reduce noise disturbance to local residents. You can read the full minutes of the meeting here.


The following regulated entertainment is removed from the premises licence: Indoor Sporting Events, Provision of Facilities for Making Music, and Provision of Facilities for Dancing

The times the licence authorises the carrying out of licensable activities is amended as follows:

Films Monday-Sunday 0700-0000
Supply of Alcohol: Sunday-Wednesday 0700-0000; Thursday-Saturday 0700-0100
Live Music: Monday-Sunday 1100-0000 (unchanged)
Late Night Refreshment: Sunday-Wednesday 2300-0000 and Thursday-Saturday 2300-0100
Music and Dance of Similar Description: Monday-Sunday 0700-0000 (unchanged)
Recorded Music: Monday-Sunday 0700-0000


No deliveries are to be made to the premises before 7am and after 11pm

The handling of kegs, bottle disposal and similar items will not take place after 11pm, when the noise generated could cause a nuisance, particularly outside the building

All windows and external doors are to be kept closed at all times save for ingress and egress

The beer garden is not to be used for patrons after 10pm

No music is to be played in the beer garden

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