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Monday, 10 September 2012

Council listening to residents' Northern Line Extension concerns

Lambeth Council have appointed tunnelling experts Ramboll as independent technical consultants to examine Transport for London's plans for the Northern Line Extension, which are are progressing quickly.

At an exhaustive three hour meeting this evening, chaired by London Assembly Member Val Shawcross, experts from Ramboll listened to the detailed concerns that residents have about the construction and operation of the Northern Line Extension.

Issues included:
- the exact location of the construction shaft in Radcot Street (not yet decided)
- the effect on adjacent properties
- air quality next to the shaft
- parking during construction (the gin distillery was suggested as a possible site for parking)
- traffic circulation through 'Methravia' during construction
- size and quality of the construction vehicles
- hours of construction work
- noise - construction of tunnels and operation of the trains
- capacity of Kennington station - for additional trains and additional passenger interchange
- boundary issues - discussions with Southwark
- process for monitoring any settlement or damage caused by tunnelling
- the need for maximum noise mitigation around the 'Kennington Loop' - where the NLE will meet the existing track and be at its most shallow - and the need for the existing track on the Loop to be upgraded to reduce noise disruption.
- how to manage Kennington Park during construction, reproviding the dog exercise area and ensuring community projects aren't forced to close.
- which shaft site has been decided for Kennington Green - the distillery is preferred and residents want the trees protected
- the proposed permanent shaft at Claylands Green which is fiercely opposed by local residents there and TfL are now examining whether other options are possible.
- what noise and effect the permanent ventilation shafts will have.

There was a clear consensus from residents and councillors that
- Lambeth Council must demand the minimal construction disruption to residents possible.
- Lambeth Council must insist on the highest possible noise mitigation work for the operation of the trains.
- Lambeth Council must specify construction techniques which are least noisy and least disruptive to residents.
- Ramboll need to examine TfL's plans in great detail and not be afraid to challenge them to improve the project's effects on Lambeth's residents.

Councillor Mark Harrison said 'the meeting was a really useful and detailed airing of all the many concerns that Lambeth residents have about the Northern Line Extension. Now independent experts Ramboll can go away and examine TfL's plans in detail and get answers to the questions raised'.

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