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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Spruced up garages at Arden House

Residents of Arden House have worked alongside Lambeth Living's garages team to transform their garages by installing green roofs and new doors. The plants have only just started growing, but when complete, the roof will be carpeted with wild flowers and greenery. The roof has also saved Lambeth Living £6000! The garages team will be interested to hear from other TRAs who might be interested in this idea.

Lambeth Living have also replaced the deteriorating metal doors with smart new painted wooden doors (above).

Since the Central Garage Team was set up four years ago they have also reduced voids from around 60% to 5%, increasing the income from the garages from around £250,000 per year to well over a million. As the repairs are almost all done in-house they have been able to have extremely quick turn around times and saved money on day to day repairs and planned maintenance. Rent arrears have also been reduced from over £130,000 to £30,000.

Whilst the general picture for Lambeth Living's garages is looking really positive, local councillors have pointed out that serious problems remain at the garages underneath the Ethelred Towers. Cllr Mark Harrison has asked the team to give its full focus to getting the issues there resolved as soon as possible, and offered any assistance that councillors can provide.

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