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Friday, 25 March 2011

Ethelred Estate showhome open for business!

Today saw the opening of the LATMOS showhome on the Ethelred Estate. The showhome gives tenants an idea of the improvements to their homes they can expect if the LATMOS stock transfer is approved in a ballot this September. Tenants can expect a new kitchen, new bathroom, and full redecoration of their flats. The showhome will also be the base for LATMOS project workers, who will on hand to answer any questions residents have about the project and the ballot.

LATMOS is the Lambeth Alliance of Tenant Management Organisations - three resident-run Lambeth estates which have banded together to investigate stock transfer. They have selected a landlord called WATMOS - the only housing association in the country which is run by tenant managements organisations. By transferring ownership of the estate away from the Council, WATMOS will be able to borrow money to invest millions of pounds into the homes on the estate. Ethelred TMO will continue as it is, and will have more support than it currently gets from the Council.

Councillor Mark Harrison has lived on the Ethelred Estate for six years, is a member of the Ethelred Board, and is closely involved in the LATMOS project. He said:

'I'm supporting the stock transfer as it's the only way the Estate will get the investment it needs. We'll preserve tenant management and all the rights that tenants and leaseholders currently enjoy from the Council.'

Pictured: Olu Leigh and Glenn Upton, who will be working on the estate over the coming months, in the showhome kitchen.

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