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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Belated KOV Forum update

The SE11 Lurker has been doing an excellent job writing very detailed updates from last week's KOV Forum, but we thought we had better summarise the main issues from what what was a packed meeting.

Network Rail explained their plans to renovate Vauxhall Railway Station, making it more accessible to people with disabilities and hinting at a possible supermarket in one of the arches.

Brian Dickens from the Sports Action Zone updated the meeting on the activities happening on the Old Lilian Baylis site, and the fact that SAZ have the prospect of accessing around £2M from Communitybuilders funding. The Council's cabinet will be considering a proposal to split the site, handing over ownership of the sports facilities to a trust which will be able to bid for these grants. The split would leave the listed school buildings in the Council's hands.

An officer from Lambeth Council spoke about the Cooperative Council programme. The Cooperative Council Commission is finishing its evidence gathering and will be writing its report about how cooperative principles migth be applied in practice to Lambeth Council. It will report in the New Year, 12 pilot schemes will begin in February, and the Council will formally respond in May.

There was an introduction to the idea of setting up a Business Improvement District for Vauxhall. Currently businesses in Vauxhall are being consulted on the proposal, which would see every business in the area paying a levy to fund additional works and services to make the area better for business. BIDs currently operate in Waterloo and Bankside, as well as many other places across the country.

Finally Councillor Mark Harrison updated the meeting on the Vauxhall Nine Elms Battersea Opportunity Area. The area from Lambeth Bridge to Battersea Power Station has been designated an opportunity area for major development by the Mayor of London. 16000 homes and 25000 new jobs are earmarked for the area. The latest news is that a Strategy Board has been set up to coordinate the project, consisting of the Greater London Authority, Transport for London, Wandsworth Council, Lambeth Council and major Nine Elms landowners. A detailed study into the infrastructure needed by the development, and the amount of money that can be raised from developers, has concluded that the scheme is viable, including the proposal to extend the Northern line to Battersea. Mark asked the meeting how local community groups would want to engage with the new Strategy Board over the coming years.

Pictured: Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, where the meeting took place.

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