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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Labour storms to victory in Lambeth

The Labour Party has won a dramatic victory in the local elections in Lambeth.

Labour has won 44 seats out of 63, a huge increase on last time.

In Prince's ward, Labour councillors Lorna Campbell, Mark Harrison and Steve Morgan won more than 2600 votes each, 1500 ahead of their nearest rivals.

And in neighbouring Oval ward Labour candidates Jane Edbrooke and Jack Hopkins caused a major upset by defeating the Lib Dems, who had held the ward since 1994. The Oval result came at 2:30am after a recount.

The Lib Dems only just held on in Bishops ward, and failed to gain seats in Vassall ward. Labour kept out the Tories in Clapham Town ward.

You can see all the results on Lambeth Council's website

Lorna, Mark and Steve would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who voted in Prince's ward.

The Council elections came a day after the general election results, in which Kate Hoey increased her majority in the Vauxhall constituency.

Pictured: Lorna Campbell at the count / Returning Officer Derrick Prentice announces the result of the Oval recount at 2:30am


Mark Richard Harrison Labour 2847 17% Elected
Lorna Patricia Campbell Labour 2804 16% Elected
Stephen Richard Morgan Labour 2653 15% Elected
Gloria Gomez Canal Liberal Democrat 1371 8% Not elected
Sandra Joy Lawman Liberal Democrat 1343 8% Not elected
John Peter Munro Liberal Democrat 1246 7% Not elected
James Howard Bellis Conservative 1161 7% Not elected
Michael Charles Poole-Wilson Conservative 1083 6% Not elected
Richard Wayne Rajgopaul-Hicklin Conservative 1051 6% Not elected
Emily Alice Butterworth Green 644 4% Not elected
Joseph Healy Green 381 2% Not elected
Marcus John Letts Green 337 2% Not elected
John Dodds English Democrats 135 1% Not elected
Alfredo Cordal English Democrats 106 1% Not elected

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