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Sunday, 1 November 2009


Lambeth Council is continuing its tradition of providing free firework displays in three of its largest parks on Guy Fawkes' Night.

Bring all the family along to Brockwell Park, Streatham Common or Clapham Common on Thursday 5 November - the fun starts at 7.30pm.

The fireworks are provided by Festival Fireworks a UK company with an international reputation. Festival have displayed in over 10 different counties winning several prestigious competitions along the way - so the Lambeth displays will be world class.

Please do not bring your dogs to the displays as loud noise levels and the presence of lots of people may prove too stressful for them. For more information on looking after your pets around fireworks see Lambeth's page on keeping your pets safe during fireworks.

There is no parking at any of the events so please use public transport or walk to the displays. Clapham Common tube station will be closed from approximately 6.30pm to 9pm, so please find alternative routes. Also please remember not to bring your own sparklers or fireworks to any of the parks during the event as they will be confiscated on safety grounds.

In the run up to Guy Fawkes night the Council urges traders to act responsibly when selling fireworks to members of the public. It is an offence for shopkeepers to sell fireworks to under 18s. If caught businesses could face prosecution and a fine. Lambeth Council's Trading Standards team and the Fire Service will make spot checks on premises that sell fireworks in the weeks leading up to Fireworks night. The teams will also advise businesses and carry out checks to make sure there are no illegal fireworks, such as bangers and mini-rockets being sold.

Fireworks safety
Most injuries caused by fireworks are to children under the age of 15 - often leaving them scarred for life. Although lovely to watch, fireworks are not toys. Even sparklers can cause terrible injuries very quickly, burning at a temperature of 2000°C - that's 20 times as hot as boiling water.

Be responsible
Throwing fireworks or setting them off in a public place is an offence
It is now illegal to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am. Breaking this curfew can lead to a fine. However on Thursday 5 November your display can continue until midnight.

To avoid serious injury, make sure you follow the fireworks code:
Only buy fireworks marked with the British Standard Kitemark BS7114
Don't drink alcohol if setting off fireworks
Keep fireworks in a closed box, and always follow the instructions carefully when using them
Light them at arms length using a taper and stand well back
Never go back to them once they are lit. Even if it hasn't gone off, it could still explode
Never throw fireworks and never put them in your pocket
Take care with sparklers - never give them to children under five. Even when they have gone out they are still hot so put them in a bucket of water after use
Keep your pets indoors throughout the evening
Build your bonfire well clear of buildings, garden sheds, fences and hedges
Don't leave bonfires unattended. An adult should supervise it until it has burnt out. If it has to be left, damp it down with water
Always keep a bucket of water or a hosepipe nearby in case of emergency.

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