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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Black Prince Road tower rejected by councillors

On Wednesday Lambeth Council's planning committee rejected an application from developers to build a 23 storey tower on the site of 81 Black Prince Road.
One of the main reasons for the rejection was the effect the building would have on light levels for neighbouring buildings, particularly Blocks B and C at the back of 9 Albert Embankment. Councillors were also concerned that the building was too high and would create a sense of enclosure in the area.
Labour campaigners delivered a letter from Councillor Steve Morgan informing residents of the news. Steve said 'I'm pleased that residents' objections have been heard by the Planning Committee, and that a building that was clearly too high and too dense for the site will not be built. I'm looking forward to working with residents, the Council, and any future developers to ensure that the site is redeveloped in a way that we can all be satisfied with.'
Pictured: Action Team Member Mark Harrison with the letter delivered to local residents.


douglas788 said...

It would appear that Lambeth is still in favour of this planning application based on the following report by the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. The developers Native Land are waiting in the wings for Lambeth to set a precedent to allow a building in the viewing corridor. This is outrageous!

I have attached the link to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority document here:


Here is an extract of the recent committee meeting held on 16 March 2009.

1. At its meeting 24 July 08 (FEP 1234) the Authority agreed that the disposal of 8 Albert Embankment
proceed on the basis of the revised terms described in the report and authorised to complete the
Development Agreement with Native Land. (6 August 2008). Native Land (NL) reported that although
good progress has been made in a number of areas (surveys and site investigations completed, design
concepts undertaken) they have been frustrated due to matters outside their control. These matters have
included delays in reaching agreement to the proposed development with the adjoining owners
(International Maritime Organisation, Workspace and Network Rail) and postponement of meetings with
London Borough of Lambeth (LBL)..

2. In addition there is a planning application which appears to be receiving favourable consideration by LBL
for A site located at 81 Black Prince Road, the outcome of which may influence the 8 Albert Embankment
proposals. If this application is approved it could lend additional weight to NL’s arguments for building
height in the ‘viewing corridor’ and the amount of affordable housing. The determination of this
application is expected in April this year.

3. NL have therefore advised (letter 19 December 08) that they are unable to meet the planning date (20
February 09) set out in the programme in the Development Agreement and sought an extension for the
submission of their planning application until 28 August 09.

4. The Authority’s contract with Drivers Jonas who advised the Authority on the sale of this property expired
and the rules do not allow for its extension. Officers therefore engaged by single tender a specialist
planning adviser (Mr Roger Tustain of Broadway Malyan) to advise the Authority on planning issues
surrounding the Development Agreement. He and the legal advisers were consulted regarding the
request from Native Land for an extension.

5. On the information provided in NL’s letter, their assurance that the issues outlined above are resolvable
within the extended period requested, Mr Tustain and legal advisers (Burges Salmon) provided their
advice and an extension has been agreed in principle to 28 August 09. The consent is subject to
conditions including the following:
i. no further extension is requested;
ii. a letter from NL’s funder HBOS confirming that HBOS is content with the extension and that it
will not adversely affect any present or future facility by HBOS relating to the funding of the
purchase or the development, (received and attached at Appendix 2);
iii. Satisfying various queries on elements of the programme and its deliverability.
In approving this extension to the submission of the planning application the receipt of the purchase price
for the sale of the land will be pushed back by a corresponding time. At present the receipt from the
disposal is assumed to occur in 2010/11 and the six months extension should result in the receipt of the
money in 2010/11.

6. It is imperative that NL optimises value by securing consent for a scheme that maximises the private
residential area and hence the greater benefit that this will result in the Authority’s interest in the site.
Officers are considering the appointment of a qualified and experienced surveyor/property development
adviser to monitor this part of the Development Agreement including validation of the receipt.
Competitive tenders from suitable firms from the OGC framework agreement will be sought.

What is Lambeth council playing at?

douglas788 said...

Oh dear! More bad news about 81 Black Prince Road. The Mayor's office had handed back the decision to Lambeth who seems to be actively working for this development to go ahead.


douglas788 said...

15th September 2009: A sad day for 81 Black Prince Road and the Westminster World Heritage Site.

Lambeth Council Rules! OK.

A great precedent has been set for the developers of the Fire Service Building and its surrounding sites at 8 Albert Embankment to rise above or at least hide behind the 23-storey monstrosity at 81 Black Prince Road.

Appeal Decision
Inquiry held on 18 to 21 August 2009
Site visits made on 17 and 20 August
by K D Barton BA(Hons) Dip Arch DipArb
The Planning Inspectorate
4/11 Eagle Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6PN
 0117 372 6372
an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State
for Communities and Local Government
Decision date:
15 September 2009
Appeal Ref: APP/N5660/A/09/2101423
81 Black Prince Road, Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SZ
• The appeal is made under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
against a refusal to grant planning permission.
• The appeal is made by Ristoia Limited against the decision of the Council of the London
Borough of Lambeth.
• The application Ref 08/04454/FUL, dated 19 November 2008, was refused by notice
dated 5 March 2009.
• The development proposed is redevelopment of the site involving the demolition of the
existing building and the erection of a 23 storey building (including basement) to
contain 1770m² (GEA) of commercial floorspace (flexible use B1 or A2) together with
101 self contained flats (41 x 1 bed, 44 x 2 bed, 8 x 3 bed, 4 x 4 bed and 4 x 5 bed) on
upper floors.
Preliminary Matters
1. Additional information was submitted after the original application and the
Council made its decision based on the following documents: Drawings
07/1288/01, A-0001, A-0002, A-0101, A-0102, A-0103, A-1001, A-1102, A-
1103, A-1111, A-1112, A-1113, A-1114, A-1201, A-1202, A-1203, A-1211, A-
1301, A-1302, A-1311, A-1312, A-1313, A-1314, A-1701, A-1702, A-1901, A-
1902, A-1903, A-1904, A-1905, A-1906,A-1911, A-1912, A-1913, A-1914, A-
1915, A1921, A-1922, A-1923, A-1924, A-1925, A-1926, A-1927, A-1928,
A1929, A-1930, Planning Statement, Design and Access Statement, Transport
Statement including draft Travel Plan, Townscape and Visual Impact
Assessment, Sustainability Statement, Energy Statement, Preliminary Code for
Sustainable Homes Pre-Assessment, Preliminary BREEAM Pre-Assessment,
Sunlight, Daylight and Overshadowing Report, Acoustic Report, Statement of
Community Involvement, Archaeological desk based Assessment, Wind
Microclimate Report, Flood Risk Assessment, Construction Impact Assessment,
and Assessment of Economic Viability and Affordable Housing. I have
determined this appeal on the same basis.
2. Whilst local residents maintain that they were not consulted by the appellant,
the application was advertised by the Council. I do not therefore consider that
anyone has been disadvantaged by consideration of this appeal.
3. I allow the appeal, and grant planning permission for the erection of a 23
storey building (including basement) to contain 1770m² (GEA) of commercial
floorspace (flexible use B1 or A2) together with 101 self contained flats (41 x 1
bed, 44 x 2 bed, 8 x 3 bed, 4 x 4 bed and 4 x 5 bed) on upper floors at 81
Appeal Decision APP/N5660/A/09/2101423
Black Prince Road, Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SZ in accordance with
the terms of the application, Ref 08/04454/FUL, dated 19 November 2008, and
the plans listed above, with the exception of A-1926, subject to the following

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