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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas comes to Lambeth- but Lib Dems try to ban it again!

It seems the Lib Dems haven't learned their lesson from 2005 - back when they made Lambeth an international laughing stock by attempting to rename Christmas lights as 'Winter lights'.

This year Labour have insisted on proper Christmas celebrations for residents across the borough. A German Christmas market has been set up on the South Bank, and on 3 December Father Christmas travelled from Waterloo to Streatham on a motorised Christmas sleigh, turning on Christmas lights in each town centre.

The events have been a huge success - but that hasn't stopped Lib Dem councillors kicking up a fuss. One councillor has been campaigning to shut down the market, whilst others tried to ban the Christmas sleigh! It seems the Lib Dems just refuse to enter into the festive spirit!

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