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Monday, 3 November 2008

Vauxhall Five balconies and windows

Kate Hoey MP and Action Team Member Mark Harrison attended a special meeting of the Vauxhall Five TRA this evening.

The Vauxhall Five are five 1930s blocks on the corner of Kennington Lane and Vauxhall Street. Residents have been horrified this year as large chunks of concrete have begun to fall from their balconies and walkways. Some balconies have literally collapsed onto the ground below. Since June The Council has stuck up plywood boards and banned residents from using their balconies as they are unsafe. This evening residents were finally informed that the Council will carry out proper repairs, as soon as possible, in the next few weeks.

Residents are also fed up with the state of their windows. The original 1930s crittal windows are still in place, and are in a terrible state. Many can't be closed properly, and some have fallen out of their frames. The Council has promised that windows would be replaced many time over the years, but the estate seems to have been overlooked again and again. The Council have finally recognised that the windows need replacing, but can't guarantee they will be done in the next year, or even the year after that!

Vauxhall Labour campaigners will be supporting residents in their demands for new windows now, and will be keeping a close eye to ensure the balconies are repaired speedily and properly.

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