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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Names for new housing blocks

An application has been received to assign five of the following names to the five new blocks on the site of Kerrin Point, Hotspur Street, SE11:

Prichard House

Marson Court

Hammond Court

William King House

Crecy Court

Oakley House

Aragon Court

The following names have been proposed as a result of research undertaken by the Lambeth Archives:

Trade directories from 1861 to 1920 list William Prichard, Henry Marson and Walter Oakley among the names of people who traded in the immediate vicinity.

In 1871 the publican of the Black Prince Public House was James Hammond.

The site was occupied from 1881 to 1920 by William King, cab proprietor.

The Black Prince, with whom the area is associated, fought at the battle of Crecy.

The name Aragon was proposed by the applicant on the basis that Catherine of Aragon was a regular resident of the former Kennington Palace in nearby Sancroft Street prior to its demolition by Henry VIII in 1531.

Please let Councillor Steve Morgan know if you have any objections to these names: srmorgan@lambeth.gov.uk

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